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Local date and time: 31 March 2017 8:31.
Welcome to BPD's talk page
Posting notes:
  • For the sake of keeping discussions together, unless you request otherwise, I will reply to your posts here and will also watch pages where I have posted myself and expect replies there.
  • Keep content disputes off here. They belong to relevant articles' talk pages.
  • If you've come here to sway me to a discussion/AfD on an article I have merely reverted or did other minor edit to, I'm most probably not interested. Such requests will be deleted immediately, or at best ignored. Similar requests by email will end up in the trash can.
  • Don't revert edits to this talk page, unless they're obvious vandalism like blanking/malicious editing of other's comments etc. I'll deal with stupid/hate/spam messages myself.
  • Please sign and date your entries by inserting ~~~~ at the end.
  • Put new text under old text.

Thank you!

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