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On the first level Morocco is divided into the regions of Morocco.

In Morocco, the 61 second-level administrative subdivisions are 13 prefectures and 48 provinces.[1] They are subdivisions of the 16 regions of Morocco. Each prefecture and province are subdivided into districts (cercles, sing. cercle), municipalities (communes, sing. commune) or urban municipalities (communes urbaines, sing. commune urbaine), and arrondissements in some metropolitan areas. The districts are subdivided into rural municipalities (communes rurales, sing. commune rural).

Note: The municipalities and arrondissements should probably be thought of as fourth-level subdivisions, on the same level as the rural municipalities.[2]


In Morocco, a wilaya is an administrative division created since 1981 that "brings together many provinces or prefectures or both at the same time, and is intended to endow big urban units such as Casablanca with an administrative organization capable of meeting the needs that emerge from these expanding cities and their growing populations."[3] Therefore, strictly speaking, the level of wilayas are between the regions and prefectures/provinces (although wilayas only cover urban areas). However, they are often used synonymous with regions or prefectures/provinces in common usage.[4]


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