242 (number)

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Cardinal two hundred forty-two
Ordinal 242nd
(two hundred and forty-second)
Factorization 2 × 112
Roman numeral CCXLII
Binary 111100102
Ternary 222223
Quaternary 33024
Quinary 14325
Senary 10426
Octal 3628
Duodecimal 18212
Hexadecimal F216
Vigesimal C220
Base 36 6Q36

242 (two hundred [and] forty-two) is the natural number following 241 and preceding 243.

In mathematics[edit]

242 is the smallest integer to start a run of four consecutive integers with the same number of divisors.[1][2]

242 is a nontotient since there is no integer with 242 coprimes below it.

242 is a palindrome.

In other fields[edit]

242 is also:

  • part of the name of a Belgian electronic body music group called Front 242
  • the number of a notable UN Security Council resolution pertaining to the Arab/Israeli conflict, United Nations Security Council Resolution 242
  • the area code of The Bahamas located in the North West Atlantic Ocean.
  • Volvo 242 (2xx-series, 4-cylinder, 2-door) Produced from 1974-1984.5
  • A rumoured time for the release of Radiohead's pre-sale for their 2012 tour.
  • the total number of Power Stars a player can collect in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the Wii.
  • the orbit, in days, of Kepler-69c, a planet 70 percent larger than the size of Earth, orbiting in the habitable zone of a star similar to our sun. Astronomers are uncertain about the composition of Kepler-69c, but its orbit of 242 days around a sun-like star resembles that of our neighboring planet Venus.


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