384 (number)

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← 383 384 385 →
Cardinal three hundred eighty-four
Ordinal 384th
(three hundred eighty-fourth)
Factorization 27× 3
Greek numeral ΤΠΔ´
Roman numeral CCCLXXXIV
Binary 1100000002
Ternary 1120203
Quaternary 120004
Quinary 30145
Senary 14406
Octal 6008
Duodecimal 28012
Hexadecimal 18016
Vigesimal J420
Base 36 AO36

384 (three hundred [and] eighty-four) is the natural number following 383 and preceding 385. It is an even composite positive integer.

In mathematics[edit]

384 is:


Being a low multiple of a power of two, 384 occurs often in the field of computing. For example, the digest length of the secure hash function SHA-384, the screen resolution of Virtual Boy is 384x224, MP3 Audio layer 1 encoding is 384 kibps, in 3G phones the WAN implementation of CDMA is up to 384 kbit/s.

In other fields[edit]

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