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Agatheira was a town of ancient Lydia, inhabited during Hellenistic times.[1] Its site is located near Halitpaşa in Asiatic Turkey.[1][2] This colony was called a katoikiai, along with Magnesia-by-Sipylus, Hyrcanis, and Thyateira.[3] They were separated from one another by about 15 kilometres (9.3 mi).[3]

Evidence shows that Macedonians settled in Agatheira, such as an inscription at Hyrcanis, which contained insights regarding the settlers' organizational structure.[4] There was also a record that cited Macedonian settlers honoring a certain Seleukos son of Menekrates during the reign of Eumenes II (188–158 BC).[5] This event transpired during a period of "polisification" of the non-polis colonial settlements in west Anatolia.[5]


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