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Damalis (Ancient Greek: Δάμαλις) was a coastal town of ancient Bithynia located on the Bosphorus near Chrysopolis. Polybius calls the town Bus or Bous (Βοῦς).[1] According to Greek mythology, Io landed when she crossed the strait. The name Damalis means 'heifer', and Arrian, quoted by Eustathius, has a story about it.[2]

Its site is located at Kızkule in Asiatic Turkey.[3][4]


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 This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domainSmith, William, ed. (1854–1857). "Damalis". Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography. London: John Murray.

Coordinates: 41°01′31″N 29°00′40″E / 41.02526°N 29.011071°E / 41.02526; 29.011071