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Coordinates: 36°11′50″N 29°51′01″E / 36.197113°N 29.850218°E / 36.197113; 29.850218
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Teimiussa, also spelt Teimioussa or Timiussa (Ancient Greek: Τειμιούσα), also known as Tristomon (Ancient Greek: Τρίστομον), was a port town of ancient Lycia, near the ancient settlement Tyberissus.[1] The name is not attested in history, but is derived from epigraphic and other evidence.[1] This combination of harbor and inland location is the focus of archaeological exploration.[2] Among the finds are ancient tombs.[3]

Its site is located near the modern town of Üçağız, Asiatic Turkey.[1][4]


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36°11′50″N 29°51′01″E / 36.197113°N 29.850218°E / 36.197113; 29.850218