Cerasus (near Trapezus)

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Cerasus or Kerasous (Ancient Greek: Κερασοῦς) was a town of ancient Pontus, on the Black Sea coast, a little to the west of Trapezus.[1] The Ten Thousand, in their retreat, came to Trapezus, and leaving Trapezus, "they arrive on the third day at Cerasus, an Hellenic city on the sea, a colony of the Sinopeis, in Colchis."[2] The Anonymous geographer of Ravenna places Cerasus 60 stadia east of Coralla, and 90 west of Hieron Oros, and on a river of the same name. The name, and possibly the population, of the town were translated to Pharnacia in the Hellenistic era.[3]

Its site is tentatively located near Gelida Kale in Asiatic Turkey.[1][4]


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Coordinates: 41°03′29″N 39°19′09″E / 41.05814°N 39.319029°E / 41.05814; 39.319029