Marmara (Lycia)

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Marmara was a town of ancient Lycia, whose inhabitants put up a ferocious defense to Alexander the Great during his invasion. The name does not appear in history, but the ethnonym is cited by Diodorus Siculus.[1] The town's territory is called Mnarike (Ancient Greek: Μναρική) in the Stadiasmus Patarensis, implying a town name of Mnara.[2][3]

The identification of Mnara with Marmara has generally be accepted to the site of Kavak Dağ.[4][5][6] Excavations began in 2004 and are on-going.[3]


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Coordinates: 36°39′40″N 30°28′42″E / 36.661236°N 30.47823°E / 36.661236; 30.47823