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Laertes (Cilicia)

Coordinates: 36°30′38″N 32°09′57″E / 36.51062°N 32.16573°E / 36.51062; 32.16573
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Çebel Ires Daǧı inscription - a Phoenician legal inscription found in Laertes

Laertes (Ancient Greek: Λαέρτης)[1] was a town of ancient Cilicia.[2] Some have supposed that the philosopher Diogenes Laërtius was from this town.[3][4] Strabo called it a stronghold.[5]

Its site is located near Cebelires, in Asiatic Turkey.[2][6] Archaeologists have excavated the site; antiquities may be found at the Alanya Archaeological Museum.


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36°30′38″N 32°09′57″E / 36.51062°N 32.16573°E / 36.51062; 32.16573