Heraclea at Latmus

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The village of Kapıkırı is situated among the remains of ancient Heraclea at the foot of Mt Latmus. At the centre-right is the 3 c. BCE temple of Athena.

Heraclea at Latmus (Ancient Greek: Ἡράκλεια πρὸς Λάτμῳ, romanizedHerakleia pros Latmo; Latin: Heraclea ad Latmum), or simply Heraclea or Herakleia (Ἡράκλεια), also transliterated as Heracleia, was a town on the confines between ancient Caria and Ionia, situated at the western foot of Mount Latmus on the Gulf of Latmus, which has since silted up. During the Hellenistic period it bore the name Pleistarcheia,[1] probably after Pleistarchus. It was a small place in the south-east of Miletus, and south-west of Amyzon. In its neighbourhood a cave was shown with the tomb of Endymion.[2][3][4][5] Ruins of this town still exist at the foot of mount Latmus on the borders of Lake Bafa, which is probably a portion of the ancient Sinus Latmicus, formed by the deposits of the river Maeander.

The place must have Christianised early as an early bishopric is attested. No longer a residential see, it remains a titular see of the Roman Catholic Church.[6]

Its site is co-located with the village of Kapıkırı, Asiatic Turkey.[1][7]



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