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Dometiopolis (Ancient Greek: Δομετιούπολις) was a city of Cilicia Trachea,[1] and in the later Roman province of Isauria[2] in Asia Minor. Its ruins are found in the village of Katranlı, formerly Dindebul.[3]


The city, whose previous name is unknown, was named Dometiopolis (Greek: Δομετιούπολις) after Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus (consul 16 BC). According to Constantine Porphyrogenitus it was one of the ten cities of the Isaurian Decapolis.[4][5]

Episcopal see[edit]

The episcopal see of Dometiopolis is mentioned in Gustav Parthey's Notitiæ episcopatuum, I and III, and in Heinrich Gelzer's Nova Tactica, 1618, as a suffragan of Seleucia. Lequien (Oriens Christianus II, 1023) mentions five bishops, from 451 to 879.

It remains a titular see of the Catholic Church,[6] sometimes under the spelling "Domitiopolis".[5]


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Coordinates: 36°45′03″N 32°45′14″E / 36.7508845°N 32.753914°E / 36.7508845; 32.753914