Beverage Institute for Health and Wellness

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The Beverage Institute for Health and Wellness, established in 2004 and based in Atlanta, GA is a front group set up by the Coca-Cola Company. The Institute is led by Rhona S. Applebaum, who is also the Coca-Cola Company's Chief Science and Health Officer. It was announced in 2005, when Coca-Cola executive Donald Short, then the company's vice president, published a paper about his company's commitments to consumers' health in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.[1] Their paid advisers include Baylor College of Medicine researcher John Foreyt.[2] The Institute "sponsors continuing professional education for registered dietitians, nurses and other professionals."[3] This has led critics to say that "corporate influence is both tainting the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’s reputation and affecting its positions."[4]


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