List of researchers in underwater diving

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This is a listing of researchers who have produced notable developments relating to the science and technology of underwater diving. Divers who have become notable due to their exploits are not listed here, unless they have published research findings. For these, see List of underwater divers.

Researchers and inventors of diving technology[edit]

  • Georges Beuchat – French inventor, diver and businessman (1910-1992)
  • Jacques-Yves Cousteau – French explorer, conservationist, filmmaker, and inventor; inventor of scuba-diving apparatus (1910-1997)
  • Robert Davis (inventor) – English inventor and manufacturer of underwater breathing apparatus (1870–1965)
  • Ted Eldred – Australian inventor of the single hose diving regulator (1920-2005)
  • Luigi Ferraro (naval officer) – Officer of the Royal Italian Navy and pioneer of Italian submarine warfare (1914-2006)
  • Émile Gagnan – French engineer and co-inventor of the open circuit demand scuba regulator (1900-1979)
  • Graham Hawkes – British marine engineer and designer of deep submersibles (1947-)
  • Christian J. Lambertsen – American environmental and diving medicine specialist (1917-2011)
  • Phil Nuytten – Canadian deep-ocean explorer, scientist, and inventor of the Newtsuit (1941-)
  • Teseo Tesei – Italian naval officer and pioneering military diver (1909-1941)

Researchers in diving medicine and physiology[edit]

Researchers in decompression theory[edit]