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For the marketing businessman and co-Chairman of Crystal Palace, see Steve Parish (businessman).
Steve Parish
Born (1945-07-15) 15 July 1945 (age 70)
Great Britain
Occupation Australian Photographer and Publisher
Known for Steve Parish – 50 Years Photographing Australia

Steve Parish OAM is a multi-award winning photographer and publisher.[1] Born in Great Britain in 1945, he is the founder of Steve Parish Publishing, which specialises in printing photographic books on nature for adults and children, as well as travel books and souvenirs.[2]

Early life[edit]

As a child he was a keen spear fisherman and at seventeen a practiced hunter who had bought his first rifle at age 16.[3]

Steve was first introduced to photography when he was given the opportunity to join an expedition to Kangaroo Island led by pioneering Australian underwater photographer Igo Oak. Igo was a mentor to Parish and a cofounder of the South Australian Underwater Photography Society.

Due to his disinterest in school and lack of formal qualifications but with competency with firearms he started an apprenticeship as a gunsmith in Adelaide.[2]

In 1963, when eighteen, Parish joined the Royal Australian Navy, where he learned to dive.[3]

Navy years[edit]

While in the Navy stationed in Sydney, Steve joined the New South Wales Underwater Research Group. Here, he met Neville Coleman and Walt Deas who, like Parish, would later become renowned photographers in their field.

Steve was later transferred to Jervis Bay on the New South Wales central coast. The area around Jervis Bay is well known for its natural beauty, as are the surrounding coastal waters. His time photographing in the area provided much of the material for his first book Oceans of Life.

Photography and publishing[edit]

Steve Parish traveled extensively from 1981 to 1984. While doing so, he noticed the absence of photographic material for the tourist market featuring Australia. In 1985, he set up Wildlife Publishing, later renamed Steve Parish Publishing.[2]

Steve uses an array of 35mm, medium format and panoramic film formats in addition to digital video. He uses Fuji Velvia.

Steve Parish Publishing went into liquidation in March 2012 following losses associated with the 2010–2011 Queensland floods. During the flood, their Oxley, Queensland, warehouse lost tens of thousands of dollars of stock and 36 filing cabinets drawers of their photo library.[4] The company failed to receive an insurance payout.[5] Also in 2011, several major customers went bankrupt and owed Steve Parish Publishing lots of money: Angus and Robertson, Borders and Calendar Club.[4] Pascal Press [6] purchased all the publishing assets of Steve Parish Publishing Pty Limited.


  • 1974 Nikon South Pacific Underwater Photographer of the Year
  • 1986 Agfa-Gevaert Trophy for the Most Creative Use of Photography in Print in the 3rd National Print Awards
  • 1992 Gold Medal for Saddle-stitched Booklets, Catalogs and Brochures in the 9th National Print Awards
  • 1993 Silver and Bronze Medals Queensland Industry Craftsmanship Awards for Excellence in Print Production
  • 1993 The Galley Club Award for Excellence in Book Production and Manufacture
  • 1994 The Galley Club Award for Excellence in Book Production and Manufacture
  • 1995 Bronze Medal for Casebound Books in the 12th National Print Awards
  • 1996 Gold Medal for Casebound Books in the 13th National Print Awards
  • 1996 Certificate of Merit in the Printing Industries of America Premier Print Awards
  • 1998 Certificate of Commendation in the Whitley Awards for the best books in the category Junior Secondary Series
  • 1998 Certificate of Commendation in the Whitley Awards for the best book in the category Illustrated Works
  • 1999 Australian Photographic Society's Award for Contribution to Nature Photography
  • 2000 Company short-listed in the Wilderness Society Environment Award for Children’s Literature for the Encyclopedia of Australian Wildlife
  • 2001 Winner in the Whitley Awards in the Best Popular Zoology Book category for the Encyclopedia of Australian Wildlife
  • 2003 Short-listed in the Children’s Book Council Eve Pownall Award for Information Books for ARK: Discover & Learn about Australian Forests and Woodlands
  • 2003 Wilderness Society Environment Award for Outstanding Environmental Publishing
  • 2007 Company shortlisted for Galley Club Award for Innovative Design for Fan Palm Address Book
  • 2007 shortlisted for Children’s Book Council Awards, Eve Pownall Awards for Amazing Facts about Australian Dinosaurs, Steve Parish Publishing & Queensland Museum.
  • 2008 shortlisted for Children’s Book Council Awards, Eve Pownall Awards for Fact File: Australia’s Deadly & Dangerous Animals, by Michael Cermak, published by Steve Parish Publishing
  • 2008 Awarded Medal of the Order of Australia for services to publishing.


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