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Baliwag Transit Inc.
Baliwag Transit logo.png
0967jfSabang Baliuag Tambubong Sampaloc San Rafael Bulacan Provincial Roadfvf 01.jpg
Slogan "We Value for the Safety of our Passengers"
Founded 1960
Headquarters Sabang, Baliuag, Bulacan
Service area Manila-Central Luzon & Pangasinan, Philippines
Service type Provincial Operation
Fleet 600+
Operator Baliwag Transit, Inc.
Bus Terminal in Caloocan City
Baliwag Transit, Inc. 2967 at San Jose City, en route to San Quintin, Pangasinan

Baliwag Transit Inc. is one of the largest bus transportation system in the Philippines with offices and terminals in various parts of Luzon. It mainly services routes to and from Metro Manila and Central Luzon. Most of its terminals are located in Nueva Ecija, where some of its terminals are located in San Jose City, Baliuag and Cabanatuan City.[1]


Baliwag Transit was said to be named after its specific place—present-day Baliuag, Bulacan (It is spelled in Filipino as Baliw-ag) where it came from.[2]


Baliwag Transit is owned by Maria Victoria Santiago Vda. de Tengco or popularly known in Baliuag as "Viuda" or "Nanay", a native of Baliuag, Bulacan. Before the bus company was born in the 1960s, she had a hat business in Baliuag and so, the logo of the bus was a hat. The company grew as years went by and became a member of the Baliuag Group of Companies. The children and grandchildren of Doña Victoria manage the company. It is presided by the eldest son of Doña Victoria, Mr. Joselito S. Tengco.[citation needed]


Though the company has not been involved in major accidents, cases have been filed against it in the past, where its passenger buses bumped another vehicle while en route to a provincial stop.[3][4]

Fleet enhancement[edit]

For the comfort and ease of the passenger, Baliwag Transit is using NLEX (North Luzon Expressway) EC Tag. They use it for the "easytrip" experience of the passenger. It made a huge impact on the time saving of the trip, because the bus will stop at toll gates with EC Tag available, swipes the card and then go. Hassle free transaction.[5]

As being strictly imposed by the LTFRB, they have on-board video and music which play unpirated movies and music and TV receiver to provide passengers with the TV program they want.[6] [7]

They also have WiFi routers which are powered by Sun Broadband, because they believe that the passengers will be happy if they are not bored, and they will never be bored because of the free WiFi service.[8] Some of the passengers can watch multimedia sites, like YouTube and Dailymotion, update their status in the top of the line social network providers like Facebook, Twitter and many more. They can also read e-mails via Google Mail or Yahoo Mail. It has unlimited usage of data. Ordinary-Fare buses don't have free WiFi available. [9]

Numbering system and bus coding[edit]

Baliwag Transit has initialized its new numbering system for their fleet. All of their past and brand new units are numbered according to the date when they are bought. For example, a Hino RK Grand ECHO model 2011 (body is built by Pilipinas Hino) is numbered by 1100 and end with 1199. Likewise you can see other numbering system like 2672 etc. because they are also using the "2 and 6" representing the year model 2006, 2826 for the 2008 model and so on. Also, one of its sister companies are using the same number system, the Golden Bee Transport and Logistics Inc., like the one of its units, the MAN Almazora 16.290 HOCL, which the number ranges from 910, to 965, 55 buses in total.

The Baliwag Transit and Golden Bee Transport and Logistics Inc. has already bought a numerous amount of buses and it is numbered as the 15th Series (15XX) BTI buses. Anyway, Golden Bee Transport and Logistics Corporation continuous the 9th Seried (9XX) numbering system. They have 30 additional Hino RK units which built by Pilipinas Hino. The numbers will now will continue from 966 to 996. The Baliwag Transit didn't use the 14th Series because they bought the buses last November 2014 and considered it to name 15th Series (2015 Series buses) rather than 14th Series (2014 Series buses).

Stations and vehicles[edit]

Fleet of buses (including sister company's Golden Bee) at Baliwag Transit Bus Terminal (Cubao, Quezon City)

Like other bus companies in the Philippines with exclusive terminals, Baliwag Transit has its own stations like in the city of San Jose and Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija, also in Baliuag, Malolos and Hagonoy, Bulacan and in Metro Manila like Cubao, Quezon City and Grace Park, Caloocan City. These are located in vital points along the bus routes, where potential passengers can easily converge for boarding.[10]

Baliwag Transit and Golden Bee Transport and Logistics Corp. is utilizing Hino, Nissan Diesel, Daewoo, King Long, Higer, MAN, and Mitsubishi Fuso as their new units.

Baliwag Transit has also opened a new subsidiary company, Golden Bee Transport and Logistics Corporation., which services the routes Pasay-Cubao to Baliuag, Bulacan, Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija sms San Jose City, Nueva Ecija and vice versa.[11]

They recently opened their Pasay Terminal located in Zone 16, Don Carlos St., Brgy. 164, Pasay City last December 14, 2014 and it is now fully operational and fully owned by the Baliwag Transit and their sister company, Golden Bee Transport and Logistics Corporation.[12]

Routes and Destinations[edit]

Metro Manila[edit]

Provincial Destinations[edit]

Former Routes[edit]

*denotes that routes is also served with Golden Bee Transport


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