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Native to China, Burma
Ethnicity Achang
Native speakers
(60,000 cited 1990–2007)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 acn
Glottolog acha1249[2]

The Achang language (autonym: ŋa˨˩tʂhaŋ˨˩; ‹The template Zh is being considered for merging.› Chinese: 阿昌) is a Tibeto-Burman language spoken by the Achang (AKA Maingtha) in China. Also called Ngochang.


Achang is spoken in the following locations (阿昌语简志).


The Xiandao 仙岛 dialect (100 speakers; autonym kʰan˧˩tau˧˩) is spoken in the following two locations in Yingjiang County, Dehong Prefecture, Yunnan, China (Xiandaoyu Yanjiu).

  • Xiandaozhai 仙岛寨, Mangmian Village 芒面村, Jiemao Township 姐冒乡[3]
  • Meng'ezhai 勐俄寨, Mangxian Village 芒线村, Jiemao Township 姐冒乡[4]

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