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Juliopolis (in Latin, Iuliopolis) was a city in the late Roman province of Galatia Prima that became a residential episcopal see. Its ruins are found at present-day Nallihan.[1]

It is now a titular see of the Catholic Church.[1]

History of the city[edit]

Cleon of Gordiucome, a native of the town, which was previously called Γόρδου Κώμη or Γορδίου Κώμη (Village of Gordon or of Gordion), raised its status and renamed it as Juliopolis in honour of the Emperor Augustus. Augustus had rewarded him with the sovereignty over Comana (Cappadocia) for his services in war against Mark Antony, whom Cleon had earlier served and from whom he had received other lands.

Under the later Byzantine Empire the city changed its name again to Basilaion, Basileon or Basileion in honour of the Emperor Basil I (867-886), and a late document of the Byzantine Church refers to it by its original name of Γορδίου Κώμη.[2]

History of the see[edit]

Under the various names of the city, the bishopric is mentioned in all the Notitiae episcopatuum. In Notitia X and XIII it appears with two names: Le Quien[3] gives the names of a number of its bishops.[4]



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