Mi krop

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Mi krop
Mee krob (หมี่กรอบ).jpg
Mi krop of Talat Phlu
Alternative names Mi krop sawoei sawan (หมี่กรอบเสวยสวรรค์; lit: "crisp noodles to god") name given by King Rama V[1]
Mi krop ror ha (หมี่กรอบ ร.5; lit: "Rama V's crisp noodles")[1]
Type Noodle
Place of origin Thailand
Main ingredients Rice noodles, sauce
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Mi krop (Thai: หมี่กรอบ, pronounced [mìː krɔ̀ːp]) is a Thai dish. The name literally means "crisp noodles". It is made with rice noodles and a sauce that is predominantly sweet but can be balanced with an acidic flavor, usually lemon or lime. The sour/citrus flavor prominent in this dish often comes from the peel of a Thai citrus fruit called som sa (a variety of citron).[2]

The dish has a legend, when King Rama V visited the people by boat in the Talad Phlu area and smell the noodles that a Chinese immigrant named "Chin Li" (จีนหลี) stir-frying at that time. He stopped the boat and eat it and very much liked. So it has another name Mi krop ror ha.[1]

There are two notable restaurants in Mi krop of Bangkok viz Talat Phlu in Thon Buri side and Phra Nakhon near the Giant Swing and Bangkok City Hall, both are old recipes from the reign of King Rama V.[3] [1]