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On My Shield[edit]

"On My Shield"
Digital cover art image. The physical vinyl's front cover has a die cut hole for the record label to show through.
Single by Converge
Released July 2010
Format 7" vinyl
Recorded Summer 2010
Genre Hardcore punk, heavy metal
Length 4:15
Label Self-released (CONCULT01)
Songwriter(s) Converge
Producer(s) Kurt Ballou

"On My Shield" is a single released by American metalcore band Converge. It was originally made available during the band's European tour in July 2010. The single was self-released by the band, though it was distributed by Converge's labels, Epitaph Records and Deathwish Inc.. The physical release does not contain a label catalog number, however Deathwish lists the single as CONCULT01.[1] The song was recorded and produced by guitarist Kurt Ballou at his own GodCity studio between the band's 2010 US and European tours in support of Axe to Fall.[2]

The single was released on a limited edition 7" vinyl in three different colors, with each variety limited to 1,000 copies.[3] One version was sold during Converge's 2010 European tours, one was sold through the band's Epitaph webstore and the final version was distributed to various vinyl retailers.[2][3] The B-side displays a laser etching of the band's shield logo, and does not feature any music.[2][3] Vocalist Jacob Bannon explained the historical meaning behind the logo:

"The symbol was part of an 18th century medical device used to find imperfections in one's sight. We use the symbol as a visual metaphor for searching for clarity and perspective in one's life."[4]

The song "On My Shield" made it's radio debut on the BBC Radio 1 program "The Rock Show with Daniel P. Carter" in July 2010.[5]


Maxwell of KillYourStereo described the song as "pure Converge," and that "musically, the band continues to write the most intriguing hardcore/punk/metal hybrid that will punish you like the new guy in prison."[6] Joshua T. Cohen of BlowTheScene noted that the intro of "On My Shield" was reminiscent of Converge's "Jane Doe" off their 2001 album Jane Doe. Cohen also commented that the song featured, "several elements that define Converge's sound, including, but not limited to extreme poly-rhythmic drumming, ambient to ultra-dense guitar licks, tastefully driving, distorted bass, and Bannon's patented vocal shred – this track has it all."[7]

Track listing[edit]

All music by Converge; all lyrics by Jacob Bannon.[8]

  1. "On My Shield" – 4:15



Production and art[8]


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