Front Line (political party)

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Front Line
Πρώτη Γραμμή
Founder Konstantinos Plevris
Founded 1999
Dissolved 2000
Ideology Metaxism
Political position Far-right

Front Line (Greek: Πρώτη Γραμμή, Proti Grammi) was a Greek nationalist party, formed in 1999.

The party was headed by self-confessed Fascist[1]Konstantinos Plevris.

Front Line participated in the 1999 European Parliament elections (sharing a slate with the nationalist Golden Dawn party), obtaining 48,532 votes or 0.75 percent of the vote. In the Greek general election of 2000, it took 12,125 votes, or 0.18 percent of the poll.

Apart from Plevris, electoral candidates for the party have included: (in 1999) Panayiota Adonopoulou (Παναγιώτα Αντωνοπούλου), Nikolaos Michaloliakos (Νικόλαος Μιχαλολιάκος), and Michail Arvanitis-Avramis (Μιχαήλ Αρβανίτης-Αβράμης).[2]

The party is dissolved. Many of its former members have joined the Popular Orthodox Rally, and others participated in the foundation of Patriotic Alliance.


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