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Current notable computer hardware manufacturers:


List of computer case manufacturers:

Rack-mount computer cases[edit]

Laptop computer cases[edit]


Top motherboard manufacturers:

List of motherboard manufacturers:


Chipsets for motherboards[edit]

Central processing units (CPUs)[edit]

  • Please note that some of these companies only make designs, and do not manufacture their own designs.

Top CPU manufacturers:

List of CPU manufacturers:

Acquired or defunct:

Hard disk drives – internal (HDDs)[edit]

List of current hard disk drive manufacturers:

Hard disk drives – external (HDDs)[edit]

Note: the HDDs internal to these devices are manufactured only by the internal HDD manufacturers listed above.

List of external hard disk drive manufacturers:

Drive controller cards / RAID cards[edit]

Solid-state drives (SSDs)[edit]

Many companies manufacture SSDs but only six companies actually manufacture the Nand Flash devices[3] that are the storage element in most SSDs.

Optical disc drives (ODDs)[edit]

List of optical disc drive manufacturers:


Fan controllers[edit]

Cooling solutions[edit]

List of cooling solutions manufacturers:

Non-refillable liquid cooling (AiO)[edit]

List of non-refillable liquid cooling manufacturers:

Refillable liquid cooling kits[edit]

List of refillable liquid cooling kits manufacturers:

Water block[edit]

List of water block manufacturers:

Video card cooling[edit]

List of graphics card cooling manufacturers:

Computer Monitors[edit]

List of companies that are actively manufacturing and selling computer monitors:

Video cards (graphics cards)[edit]

List of video card manufacturers:

Graphics processing units (GPUs)[edit]


List of keyboard manufacturers:


List of mouse manufacturers:

Mouse Pads[edit]

List of mouse pad manufacturers:


List of Joystick manufacturers:


List of computer speaker manufacturers:


List of modem manufacturers:

Network Interface Card (NIC)[edit]

List of network card manufacturers:

Chipsets for network cards[edit]

Power supply unit (PSU)[edit]

List of power supply unit (PSU) manufacturers:

Random-access memory (RAM) modules[edit]

Note that the actual memory chips are manufactured by a small number of DRAM manufacturers. List of memory module manufacturers:

Random-access memory (RAM) chips[edit]

List of current DRAM manufacturers:

List of former or defunct DRAM manufacturers:

List of fabless DRAM companies:

In addition, other semiconductor manufacturers include SRAM or eDRAM embedded in larger chips.


List of headphone manufacturers:

Image scanners[edit]

List of image scanner manufacturers:

Sound cards[edit]

List of sound card manufacturers:

TV tuner cards[edit]

List of TV tuner card manufacturers:

USB flash drives[edit]

List of USB flash drive manufacturers:


List of webcam manufacturers:

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