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List of computer hardware manufacturers

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Current notable computer hardware manufacturers:


List of computer case manufacturers:

Rack-mount computer cases[edit]

Laptop computer cases[edit]

  • Clevo
  • MSI
  • XPG (Xtreme Performance Gear, a gaming brand of ADATA)


Top motherboard manufacturers:

List of motherboard manufacturers:


Chipsets for motherboards[edit]

Central processing units (CPUs)[edit]

Note: most of these companies only make designs, and do not manufacture their own designs.

Top x86 CPU manufacturers:

List of CPU manufacturers (most of the companies sell ARM-based CPUs, assumed if nothing else stated):

Hard disk drives (HDDs)[edit]


List of current hard disk drive manufacturers:


Note: the HDDs internal to these devices are manufactured only by the internal HDD manufacturers listed above.

List of external hard disk drive manufacturers:

Drive controller and RAID cards[edit]

Solid-state drives (SSDs)[edit]

Many companies manufacture SSDs but there are only a few major manufactures [4] of NAND flash devices that are the storage element in most SSDs. The five major NAND flash manufacturers are:

Optical disc drives (ODDs)[edit]

List of optical disc drive manufacturers:


Fan controllers[edit]

Computer cooling systems[edit]

List of computer cooling system manufacturers:

Non-refillable liquid cooling (AiO)[edit]

List of non-refillable liquid cooling manufacturers:

Refillable liquid cooling kits[edit]

List of refillable liquid cooling kits manufacturers:

Water block[edit]

List of water block manufacturers:

Video-card cooling[edit]

List of graphics card cooling manufacturers:

Computer monitors[edit]

List of companies that are actively manufacturing and selling computer monitors:


Virtual reality headsets[edit]

Video cards (graphics cards)[edit]

List of video card manufacturers:

Graphics processing units (GPUs)[edit]


List of keyboard manufacturers:


List of mouse manufacturers:


List of Joystick manufacturers:


List of computer speaker manufacturers:


List of modem manufacturers:

Network interface cards (NICs)[edit]

List of network card manufacturers:

Chipsets for network cards[edit]

There are a number of other companies (AMD, Microchip, Altera, etc) making specialized chipsets as part of other ICs, and they are not often found in PC hardware (laptop, desktop or server). There are also a number of now defunct companies (like 3com, DEC, SGI) that produced network related chipsets for us in general computers.

Power supply units (PSUs)[edit]

List of power supply unit (PSU) manufacturers:

Random-access memory (RAM) modules[edit]

Note that the actual memory chips are manufactured by a small number of DRAM manufacturers. List of memory module manufacturers:

Random-access memory (RAM) chips[edit]

List of current DRAM manufacturers:[5]

List of former or defunct DRAM manufacturers:

List of fabless DRAM companies:

In addition, other semiconductor manufacturers include SRAM or eDRAM embedded in larger chips.


List of headphone manufacturers:

Image scanners[edit]

List of image scanner manufacturers:

Sound cards[edit]

List of sound card manufacturers:

TV tuner cards[edit]

List of TV tuner card manufacturers:

USB flash drives[edit]

List of USB flash drive manufacturers:


List of webcam manufacturers:

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