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Governor of Lagash
Mace head of Mesilim Louvre AO2349.jpgMesilim macehead inscription.jpg
Head of a votive mace with a lion-headed eagle (emblem of god Ningirsu) and six lions, dedicated at a shrine in Girsu by King Mesilim of Kish. Inscription in archaic script: “Mesilim, king of Kish, builder of the temple of Ningirsu, brought [this mace head] for Ningirsu, Lugalshaengur [being] prince of Lagash”.[1] Louvre Museum.[2]
Reignc. 2600  BC
Dynasty1st dynasty of Lagash
Lugalshaengur was governor of Lagash, circa 2600 BCE.

Lugalshaengur (Sumerian: 𒈗𒊮𒇉, Lugal-sha-engur), (c. 2600 BCE), was ensi (governor) of the Sumerian city-state of Lagash.[3]

The First dynasty of Lagash is dated to the 25th century BCE. En-hegal is recorded as the first known ruler of Lagash, being tributary to Uruk. His successor Lugalshaengur was similarly tributary to Mesilim. Following the hegemony of Mesannepada of Ur, Ur-Nanshe succeeded Lugalshaengur as the new high priest of Lagash and achieved independence, making himself king. He defeated Ur and captured the king of Umma, Pabilgaltuk.[4][5]

Lugalshaengur is known by an inscription on the head of a mace dedicated by King Mesilim of Kish, who was therefore contemporary with him.[3][6]

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Regnal titles
Preceded by
King of Lagash
ca. 25th century BCE
Succeeded by