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Title King of Akkadian Empire
Parent(s) King Dudu of Akkad[1]

Shu-turul (Shu-durul) was the last king of Akkad, ruling for 15 years according to the Sumerian king list.[2] It indicates that he succeeded his father Dudu. A few artifacts, seal impressions etc. attest that he held sway over a greatly reduced Akkadian territory that included Kish, Tutub, and Eshnunna. The Diyala river also bore the name "Shu-durul" at the time.[3]

The king list asserts that Akkad was then conquered, and the hegemony returned to Uruk following his reign.[4] It further lists six names of an Uruk dynasty; however none of these six rulers has been confirmed through archaeology. The actual situation of Akkad's collapse, from all evidence outside the king list, is that it was brought about directly by the Gutians, Zagros tribesmen who established their own rule, though several of the southern city-states such as Uruk, Ur and Lagash also declared independence around this time.


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