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The Tokyu Group (東急グループ, Tōkyū Gurūpu) of companies centers on the Tokyu Corporation railway company, which links Tokyo and its suburbs. Many companies in the group are designed to enhance the value of the Tokyu rail network. In addition to the railroad system, the group includes other companies in transportation, real-estate, retail, leisure, and cultural endeavors. Here is a partial list of companies in the Tokyu Group.


Real estate[edit]

  • Tokyu Real Estate
  • Tokyu Livable
  • Tokyu Community



  • Tokyu Recreation
  • Tokyu Agency
  • Tokyu Hotels
  • Tokyu Resort Corporation
  • Pan Pacific Hotels, sold to UOL Group of Singapore in 2007.
  • Mauna Lani Bay Resort

Construction and other[edit]

  • Tokyu Construction
  • Tokyu Security
  • Seiki Tokyu Kogyou Co.Ltd



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