List of structural failures and collapses

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This is a list of structural failures and collapses, including some aircraft, bridges, dams, and radio masts/towers.

Buildings and other fixed man-made structures[edit]

Antiquity – Middle Ages[edit]

Year Structure Location Type Casualties
226 BC Colossus of Rhodes City of Rhodes, Island of Rhodes (now part of Greece) statue
27 Fidenae amphitheatre collapse Fidenae, Italia, Roman Empire amphitheatre +20,000 Killed
ca. 27–30 Tower of Siloam Jerusalem, Judea, Roman Empire (now part of Israel) tower 18 Killed
140 Upper tier collapse of the Circus Maximus Rome, Italia, Roman Empire amphitheatre ~13,000 Killed
558 Dome of Hagia Sophia Constantinople, Byzantine Empire (now part of Turkey) Church (building)
1275 St. Servatius Bridge Maastricht, Netherlands Bridge ~400 Killed
1284 Choir of Beauvais Cathedral Beauvais, France Church (building)
1303 Lighthouse of Alexandria Alexandria, Mamluk Sultanate (now part of Egypt) tower
1322 Ely Cathedral Tower Collapse Ely, Cambridgeshire, England Church (building)
1382 Bell tower of St. Mary's church, Stralsund Stralsund, Duchy of Pomerania, Hanseatic League (now part of Germany) Church (building)
1444 Rialto Bridge Venice, Republic of Venice bridge
1500 Malmesbury Abbey Malmesbury, Wiltshire, England Church (building)
1529 St. Elisabeth's Church, Breslau Breslau, Silesia, Hapsburg lands, Holy Roman Empire Church (building)
1549 Lincoln Cathedral Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England Church (building)
1573 Tower of Beauvais Cathedral Beauvais, France Church (building)
1577 Martinikerk (Groningen) Groningen, free city; now part of The Netherlands Church (building)

17th century – 19th century[edit]

Year Structure Location Type Casualties
1625 Tower of St. Olaf's church, Tallinn Tallinn, Sweden (now in Estonia) Church (building)
1647 Tower of St.-Marien-Kirche Stralsund, Duchy of Pomerania (now in Germany) Church (building)
1661 Tower of Reinoldikirche Dortmund, Hanseatic League (now in Germany) Church (building)
1666 St. Peter's Church, Riga Riga, Sweden (now in Latvia) Church (building) 8 Buried In Rubble
17th century Abbaye-aux-Hommes Caen, France Church (building)
1674 Nave of the Dom Church Utrecht, The Netherlands Church (building)
1697 Tower of St. Michael's Church, Klausenburg Klausenburg, Habsburg Monarchy (now in Romania) Church (building)
c. 1715 Marsalforn Tower Xagħra, Gozo, Malta tower
1721 St. Peter's Church, Riga Riga, Sweden/Russia, now in Latvia Church (building)
1754 Church tower Willstätt, Baden, (now part of Baden, Germany) Church (building)
1763 Tower of St. Michael's Church Klausenburg, Habsburg Monarchy (now in Romania) Church (building)
1777 Collegiate church of St. Mary Magdalene Posen, Prussia Church (building)
1831 Broughton Suspension Bridge Broughton, Greater Manchester, England, United Kingdom bridge 0 Killed, 20 Injured
1845 Yarmouth Bridge Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England, UK bridge 79 Killed
1847 Dee bridge disaster Chester, England, UK bridge 5 Killed, 9 Injured
1850 Angers Bridge Angers, Maine-et-Loire, France bridge 226 Killed
1860 Pemberton Mill Lawrence, Massachusetts, United States ~145 Killed, ~166 Injured
1860 Wootton bridge collapse Wootton, Isle of Wight, England, UK bridge 2 Killed
1860 Bull bridge accident Ambergate, Derbyshire, England UK bridge
1861 Chichester Cathedral Spire Collapse Chichester, West Sussex, UK Church (building)
1864 Dale Dike Reservoir South Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom dam +240 Killed[1]
1868 Saint Peter's Church, Fritzlar Spire Collapse Fritzlar, Hesse, Prussia, North German Confederation Church (building) 21 Killed, 31 Injured
1875 Portage Bridge Town of Portage, New York, US bridge
1876 Ashtabula River Railroad Disaster Ashtabula, Ohio, US 92 Killed, 64 Injured
1879 Tay Bridge disaster Dundee, Scotland, UK bridge ~75 Killed, With 60 Known
1887 Bussey bridge disaster Boston, Massachusetts, US bridge 38 Killed, 40 Injured
1889 South Fork Dam Johnstown, Pennsylvania, US dam 2,209 Killed
1890 Walnut Grove Dam Wickenburg, Arizona Territory, US dam 100-150 killed
1891 Munchenstein rail disaster Munchenstein, Basel-Landschaft, Switzerland bridge 73 Killed, 171 Injured
1896 Point Ellice Bridge Victoria, British Columbia, Canada bridge 55 Killed


Year Structure Location Type Casualties
1901 Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Company masts Poldhu, Cornwall, England, UK guyed masts
1901 Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Company masts South Wellfleet, Massachusetts, US guyed masts
1902 St. Mark's Campanile Venice, Italy
1902 Ibrox disaster Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom Stadium 25 Killed, 500+ Injured
1904 Eden Railroad Bridge Collapse Eden, Colorado, US bridge 111 killed
1905 Egyptian Bridge Saint Petersburg, Russia bridge
1905 Grover Shoe Factory Brockton, Massachusetts, US Factory 58 Killed, 150 Injured
1906 National Electric Signaling Company mast Machrihanish, Scotland guyed mast
1907 Quebec Bridge Quebec City, Quebec, Canada bridge 75 Killed, 11 Injured
1908 Görlitz City Hall Görlitz, Germany hall
1912 Mast of Großfunkstelle Nauen Nauen, Germany radio tower
1915 Division Street Bridge Spokane, Washington, US bridge 5 Killed, 12 Injured
1916 Desse Dam Dessendorf, Austria-Hungary dam
1916 Quebec Bridge Quebec City, Canada bridge 13 Killed
1919 Molasses Tank Boston, Massachusetts, US Tank 21 Killed, 150 Injured
1925 Three masts of Norddeich Transmitting Station Norddeich, Germany radio tower
1925 Llyn Eigiau dam, Coedty reservoir dam Dolgarrog, North Wales, UK dam
1927 Western mast of Deutschlandsender Zeesen Zeesen, Germany Guyed Mast
1928 St. Francis Dam Santa Clarita, California, US dam ~600 Killed[2]
1930 Towers of Sender Stadelheim Munich, Germany radio tower
1933 Original 760AM WJR tower Riverview, Michigan Radio Tower
1934 Seta river railroad bridge Ōtsu, Shiga, Japan bridge
1935 Wooden tower of Rundfunksender Langenberg Langenberg (Rheinland), Germany radio tower
1937 Kasai River Bridge Collapse Kasai, Belgian Congo (now in the Democratic Republic of the Congo) bridge
1938 Kugaiza Cinema Tokamachi, Niigata, Japan Cinema building 69 Killed (Roof collapse due to the weight of snow)[3]
1938 Upper Steel Arch Bridge Niagara Falls, New York, US bridge
1938 Liechtenstein-Haberfeld transmitter Haberfeld, Liechtenstein radio tower
1939 Sandö Bridge Kramfors, Ångermanland, Sweden bridge 18 Killed
1939 Collapse of Utbremen Radio Tower Bremen, Germany radio tower
1940 First Tacoma Narrows Bridge Tacoma, Washington, US bridge
1940 Theodor Heuss Bridge Ludwigshafen, Germany bridge
1940 Collapse of Tower West of Fécamp Radio Normandie Transmitter Fécamp, France radio tower
1942 Chesapeake City Bridge Chesapeake City, Maryland, US bridge
1945 Hindenburgbrücke Cologne, Germany bridge Unknown
1945 Ludendorffbrücke Remagen, Germany bridge ~18-33 Killed, ~63-93 Injured
1949 2 masts of Sender Langenberg Langenberg (Rheinland), Germany radio tower
1949 Schwerin Möwenburgstraße transmitter Schwerin, Germany radio tower
1949 Inotani wire bridge Toyama, Toyama, Japan bridge 29 Killed
1949 Collapse of Hamburg-Billstadt Radio Mast Hamburg, West Germany radio tower
1951 Duplessis bridge collapse Quebec, Canada bridge 4 Killed
1953 Tangiwai Bridge, Tangiwai disaster Tangiwai, New Zealand bridge 151 Killed
1953 Augusta Radio Mast Augusta, Michigan, US Guyed Mast
1957 Rail bridge near St Johns station Lewisham, London, UK bridge 90 Killed, 173 Injured
1958 Second Narrows Bridge Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada bridge 19 Killed
1958 LORAN-C transmitter Carolina Beach Carolina Beach, North Carolina, US radio tower
1958 Collapse of Sender Ochsenkopf Ochsenkopf, Germany Guyed Mast
1959 Vega de Tera Ribadelago, Spain dam 144 Killed
1959 Malpasset Côte d'Azur, France dam 423 Killed


Year Structure Location Type Casualties
1960 KOBR-TV Tower Caprock, New Mexico, US Guyed Mast
1962 LORAN-C transmitter Ejde Ejde, Faroe Islands, Denmark radio tower
1962 King Street Bridge (Melbourne) Melbourne, Victoria, Australia bridge
1962 KGW Tower Portland, Oregon, US radio tower
1963 Beaver Dam Bridge Murdochville, Quebec, Canada bridge 6 Killed
1963 Vajont Dam Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy Dam ~1,900–2,500 Killed
1963 Baldwin Hills Reservoir Los Angeles, California, US Dam 5 Killed
1964 Tower of Pfarrkirche St. Johann Baptist Ichenhausen, Germany Church (building)
1964 General Rafael Urdaneta Bridge Maracaibo, Venezuela bridge
1965 SES8 Tower Mount Burr, South Australia radio tower
1965 Iwo Jima LORAN-C Mast Collapse Iwo Jima, Ogasawara Subprefecture Japan radio tower 6 Killed
1966 Heron Road Bridge Ottawa, Ontario, Canada bridge 9 Killed, 60+ Injured
1966 Heiligenstedten Bascule Bridge Heiligenstedten, Schleswig-Holstein, West Germany bridge
1966 WLBT TV Tower Raymond, Mississippi, US TV mast / tower
1967 Queen Juliana Bridge Willemstad, Curaçao bridge 15 Killed
1967 Waltham transmitting station Waltham, UK Guyed Mast
1967 Silver Bridge Point Pleasant, West Virginia, US bridge 46 Killed
1968 Ronan Point collapse London, UK high rise 4 Killed, 17 Injured
1968 KELO TV Tower Rowena, South Dakota, US Guyed Mast
1968 WAEO Tower Starks, Wisconsin, US Guyed Mast
1969 FM-/TV-Mast of Marnach transmitter Marnach, Luxembourg Guyed Mast
1969 Emley Moor TV Mast Collapse Emley, West Yorkshire, UK Guyed Mast
1970 Orlunda transmitter, central radio mast collapse Orlunda, Sweden Guyed Mast
1970 West Gate Bridge Melbourne, Australia Bridge 35 Killed, 18 Injured
1970 Britannia Bridge Menai Strait, Wales, UK Bridge
1970 Cleddau Bridge Pembroke Dock and Neyland, Wales, UK Bridge 4 Killed, 5 Injured
1971 2000 Commonwealth Avenue collapse Boston, Massachusetts, US Condominium building under construction 4 Killed, 30 Injured
1971 KOIN-TV Transmitter Towers Portland, Oregon, US Guyed Mast
1971 Südbrücke (South Bridge) Koblenz, Rhineland-Palatinate, West Germany Bridge under construction 13 Killed
1971 1971 Certej dam failure Certeju de Sus, Hunedoara County, Romania dam 89 Killed, 76 Injured
1972 Buffalo Creek Flood West Virginia, US dam 125 Killed, 1121 Injured
1972 Mittelturm Königs Wusterhausen, Germany Lattice tower
1973 Bithlo TV Mast Collapse Bithlo, Florida, US Guyed Mast
1973 Broadway Central Hotel, Mercer Arts Center New York, NY, US Hotel and theaters 4 Killed, At Least 12 Injured
1974 Makahali River bridge Baitadi, Nepal bridge 140 Killed
1975 KELO TV Tower Rowena, South Dakota, US Guyed Mast
1975 Banqiao and Shimantan Dams Zhumadian, Henan, China Dam ~85,600 to 240,000 Killed
1976 Teton Dam Idaho, US Mud dam 11 Killed
1976 Sendeanlage Burg SL-3 Burg bei Magdeburg, Saxony-Anhalt, West Germany Guyed Mast
1976 Reichsbrücke Vienna, Austria Bridge 1 Killed
1976 Pic de Nore transmitter Pic de Nore, France Guyed Mast
1977 KSLA-TV Tower Mooringsport, Louisiana, US Guyed Mast
1977 Kelly Barnes Dam Georgia, US Dam 39 Killed
1978 Nebraska Education Tower Angora Angora, Nebraska, US Guyed Mast
1978 WJJY TV Mast Bluffs, Illinois, US Guyed Mast
1978 WAND-TV Tower Decatur, Illinois, US Guyed Mast
1978 CKVR Television Tower Barrie, Ontario, Canada Guyed Mast
1978 Hartford Civic Center Hartford, Connecticut, US arena
1978 Sender Zehlendorf Zehlendorf bei Oranienburg, Germany Guyed Mast
1978 Willow Island Cooling Tower Willow Island, West Virginia, US Cooling tower under construction 51 Killed
1979 Kemper Arena Kansas City, Missouri, US Stadium
1979 Sender Krasch Bernklau, Czechoslovakia (now part of Czech Republic) Guyed Mast
1979 Blåbärskullen transmitter Sunne, Sweden Pinnacle of guyed Mast


Year Structure Location Type Casualties
1980 Almö Bridge Stenungsund, Sweden Bridge 8 Killed
1980 Corralejas stadium collapse Sincelejo, Sucre, Colombia Stadium +200 Killed
1980 Hayakawa wire bridge Saito, Kyūshū, Japan Bridge (Suspension) 7 Killed
1980 LORAN-C transmitter Jan Mayen Jan Mayen, Norway Guyed Mast
1981 Hyatt Regency walkway collapse Kansas City, Missouri, US Walkway 114 Killed, 216 Injured
1981 Chimney of Matla Power Station Mpumalanga, South Africa Chimney 4 Killed
1982 Aviamotornaya Escalator Collapse Moscow, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union Escalator At Least 8 Killed, At Least 30 Injured
1982 Lawn Lake Dam Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, US Dam 3 Killed
1982 Tous Dam Valencia, Spain Dam +30 Killed Or Injured
1982 Senior Road Tower Collapse Missouri City, Texas, US Guyed Mast 5 Killed
1982 Sophia Gardens Pavilion Cardiff, Wales, UK Concert hall
1982 WCIQ Tower Mount Cheaha, Alabama, US Guyed Mast
1983 Mianus River Bridge Greenwich, Connecticut, US Bridge 3 Killed, 3 Injured
1983 CKX-TV Craig Television Tower Souris, Manitoba, Canada Guyed Mast
1983 Wavre TV Mast Wavre, Belgium Guyed Mast
1983 KWWL-TV Mast Rowley, Iowa, US Guyed Mast
1985 Istra Dome Russian SFSR, Soviet Union Dome [1]
1985 Val di Stava Dam collapse Italy Dam 268 Killed
1985 Sender Bielstein Bielstein, North Rhine-Westphalia, West Germany Guyed Mast
1986 Hotel New World Disaster Little India near Serangoon Road, Singapore Hotel 33 Killed, 17 Injured
1987 L'Ambiance Plaza collapse Bridgeport, Connecticut, US Residential Tower 28 Killed
1987 Turów Power Plant Bogatynia, Lower Silesian Voivodeship, Poland Cooling tower
1987 Schoharie Creek Bridge collapse Fort Hunter, New York, US Bridge 10 Killed
1988 Dzhrashen School (earthquake) Spitak, Armenia Elementary School 400 Killed[4]
1988 Multrå transmitter Sollefteå, Sweden Pinnacle of Guyed Mast
1988 Mainbrücke Stockstadt (Aschaffenburg Main River Freeway Bridge) Aschaffenburg, Bavaria, West Germany Bridge under construction 1 Killed
1988 Station Square collapse (Save-On-Foods collapse) Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada Rooftop parking structure 21 Injured
1988 Sultan Abdul Halim ferry terminal bridge Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia Bridge
1988 Green Bank Telescope Green Bank, West Virginia, USA Parabolic dish ( diameter: 90.44 metres)
1989 Tennessee Hatchie River Bridge Tennessee, US bridge 8 Killed
1989 Civic Tower Italy Tower 4 Killed, 15 Injured
1989 WRAL-TV & WPTF-TV towers Auburn, North Carolina, US Guyed Mast
1989 Cypress Street Viaduct Oakland, California, US Bridge 42 Killed
1991 Astram Line steel bridge Hiroshima, Japan Bridge 15 Killed
1991 Warsaw Radio Mast collapse Gąbin, Poland guyed mast ( 646 m)
1992 Armand Césari Stadium disaster Bastia, Haute-Corse, France Stadium 18 Killed, +2,300 Injured
1992 WCIX TV Tower Homestead (Miami), Florida, US Guyed Mast
1993 LORAN-C transmitter Kargaburan Kargaburan, Turkey Guyed Mast
1993 Tower of St. Maria Magdalena Church Goch, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany church
1993 Cape Race LORAN-C Mast Collapse Cape Race, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada Mast
1993 Highland Towers collapse (Block 1) Selangor, Malaysia Residential Tower At Least 48 Killed, Unknown Injured
1994 Marja store collapse Tallinn, Estonia commercial building 5 Killed
1994 Seongsu Bridge Seoul, South Korea bridge 32 Killed, 17 Injured
1995 Cave Creek disaster Paparoa National Park, New Zealand Viewing Platform 14 Killed, 4 Injured
1995 Sampoong Department Store collapse Seoul, South Korea Commercial Building 502 Killed, 1,445 Injured
1996 WCOV-TV Tower Montgomery, Alabama, US TV mast / tower
1996 Baikong Railway bridge Ruyuan County, Guangdong, China Bridge 29 Killed
1996 Koror-Babeldaob Bridge Koror and Babeldaob, Palau Bridge 2 Killed
1996 Walnut Street Bridge collapse Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, US Bridge
1997 Opuha Dam New Zealand Dam
1997 2 masts of Grigoriopol transmitter Grigoriopol, Transnistria, Moldova Guyed Mast
1997 Maccabiah bridge collapse Tel Aviv, Israel Bridge 4 Killed, 62 Injured
1997 KNOE-TV Tower Louisiana, US Guyed Mast
1997 KXJB-TV mast collapse Traill County, North Dakota, US Guyed Mast
1997 WLBT Tower collapse Raymond, Mississippi, US Tower
1997 Knick-Ei Halstenbek, Germany Sports Hall
1998 Palace II collapse Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Residential Tower 8 Killed
1998 Knick-Ei Halstenbek, Germany Sports Hall
1999 Gdynia Shipyard Crane Crash Gdynia, Poland Crane
1999 Via Giotto in Foggia building collapse Foggia, Italy Building 67 Killed, 3 Injured
1999 Aggie Bonfire Collapse College Station, Texas, US Bonfire 12 Killed, 27 Injured


Year Structure Location Type Casualties
2000 2000 Baia Mare cyanide spill Baia Mare, Romania Embankment dam
2000 Pier Number 34 (Club Heat) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US Pier 3 Killed, Dozens Injured
2000 Boulevard du Souvenir overpass collapse over Highway 15 Montréal, Canada Overpass 1 Killed, 2 Injured
2000 WRMD-Tower St. Petersburg, Florida, US Mast
2000 KXEO/KWWR-Tower Mexico, Missouri, US Mast
2000 Hoan Bridge Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US Bridge
2001 Schouwburg Het Park Hoorn, Netherlands Theater
2001 Hintze Ribeiro Bridge Entre-os-Rios, Castelo de Paiva, Portugal Bridge 59 Killed
2001 Versailles wedding hall collapse Jerusalem, Israel Wedding Hall 23 Killed, 380 Injured
2001 Queen Isabella Causeway Port Isabel and South Padre Island, Texas, US Bridge 8 Killed
2001 Angara transmitter, Northern Mast Angara, Russia Guyed Mast
2001 Kadalundi River rail bridge India Bridge 57 Killed
2002 Římov flood Soběnov, Czechia
2002 Ellenstedt Wind Turbine Collapse Ellenstedt, Germany Wind Turbine
2002 Buran Hangar Collapse Baikonur, Kazakhstan/Russia Hangar 8 Killed
2002 I-40 bridge disaster Webbers Falls, Oklahoma, US Bridge 14 Killed, 11 Injured
2002 Rafiganj rail bridge India Bridge
2003 WVAH Tower West Virginia, US Guyed Mast
2003 WPAY (AM)-Tower Portsmouth, Ohio, US Guyed Mast
2003 WTNV-FM Tower Jackson, Tennessee, US Free-standing tower
2003 WMBD Tower Peoria, Illinois, US Free-standing tower
2003 WIFR TV Tower Rockford, Illinois, US Guyed Mast
2003 KETV TV Tower Omaha, Nebraska, US Guyed Mast
2003 WAAY TV Tower Huntsville, Alabama, US Guyed Mast
2003 Utrecht radio mast collapse Utrecht, Netherlands Guyed Mast
2003 Silver Lake Dam failure Marquette County, Michigan, US Embankment Dam
2003 Kinzua Bridge Kinzua Bridge State Park, Pennsylvania, US Bridge
2003 Sgt. Aubrey Cosens VC Memorial Bridge Latchford, Ontario, Canada Bridge
2003 2003 Chicago balcony collapse Chicago, Illinois, US Balcony 13 Killed, 57 Injured
2003 Schneebergerhof Vestas V80 Wind Turbine collapse Gerbach, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany Wind Turbine
2004 Big Bay Dam Mississippi, US Dam [5]
2004 Camará Dam Brazil Dam At Least 3 Killed
2004 Collapse of the Terminal 2E roof, Charles de Gaulle Airport Roissy-en-France, Val-d'Oise, France Airport Terminal 4 Killed, 3 Injured
2004 Loncomilla Bridge San Javier, Chile Bridge
2004 Transvaal Park Moscow, Russia Water Park 28 Killed, 193 Injured
2004 Igor I. Sikorsky Memorial Bridge crane collapse Connecticut, US Bridge-deconstruction Crane 1 Killed
2004 Big Nickel Road Bridge Sudbury, Ontario, Canada bridge
2004 Mungo Bridge Cameroon Bridge
2004 Peterborough radio mast Peterborough, Great Britain Guyed Mast
2004 KFI Mast Los Angeles, California, US Guyed Mast
2005 Shakidor Dam Pakistan Dam ~70 Killed
2005 Margalla Towers Islamabad, Pakistan Residential Building 78 Killed, 100+ Injured
2005 Taum Sauk Reservoir Lesterville, Missouri, US Dam 0 Killed, 5 Injured
2005 Almuñécar Motorway bridge Almuñécar, Province of Granada, Spain Bridge
2005 Caracas-La Guaira highway, Viaduct #1 Tacagua, Venezuela Bridge
2005 Gerrards Cross Tunnel Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, Great Britain Tunnel
2005 Veligonda Railway Bridge India Bridge
2005 WLGA Transmitter Tower (formerly WSWS-TV Transmitter Tower) Cusseta, Georgia, US Guyed Mast
2005 Nebraska Education Tower Atlanta Atlanta, Nebraska, US Building
2005 Sadaf Manzil Nagpada, Mumbai, India Residential Building 11 Killed, 24 Injured
2006 Bad Reichenhall Ice Rink roof collapse Bad Reichenhall, Germany Stadium Roof 15 killed, 32 injured
2006 Katowice Trade Hall roof collapse Katowice, Poland Market Roof 65 Killed, 170 Injured
2006 Basmanny market roof collapse Moscow, Russia Market Roof 66 Killed, Unknown Injured
2006 2006 Lagos building collapses Lagos, Nigeria Three Buildings - One Residential, Commercial And Under Construction, Respectively At Least 28 Killed, At Least 86 Injured
2006 Interstate 88 bridge collapse Unadilla, New York Bridge 2 Killed[6]
2006 Big Dig ceiling collapse South Boston, Massachusetts, US Ceiling Tile 1 Killed, 1 Injured
2006 De la Concorde Overpass collapse Montréal, Canada Overpass 5 Killed, 6 Injured
2006 Run Pathani Bridge Collapse Pakistan Bridge
2006 Torre VIP de Rádio & TV São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil Guyed Mast
2006 Yekaterinburg bridge collapse Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia Bridge
2006 Nimule bridge collapse Nimule, Kenya Bridge
2006 Bhagalpur Pedestrian Bridge Collapse Bhagalpur, Bihar, India Bridge
2006 Eziama Bridge Collapse Eziama, Imo State, Nigeria Bridge
2006 KSPS-TV tower Spokane, Washington TV Mast/Tower
2007 Crab House – Floor collapsed into the water Wildwood Crest, New Jersey, US Building 0 Killed, 9 Injured
2007 Sherman County Wind Turbine collapse [2] Sherman County, Oregon, US Wind Turbine
2007 WACS-TV tower Americus, Georgia, US Guyed Mast
2007 WSKY-DT Tower Camden County, North Carolina, US Guyed Mast
2007 Browns Summit Crown Castle Broadcasting Tower Browns Summit, Texas, US
2007 Punjagutta Flyover Bridge Collapse Punjagutta, Telangana, India Bridge
2007 Tuo River bridge Fenguan, Sichuan, China Bridge
2007 Harp Road bridge Oakville, Washington, US Bridge
2007 MacArthur Maze Oakland, California, US Roadway
2007 Shershah Bridge – Section of the Northern Bypass, Karachi Karachi, Pakistan Bridge
2007 Neurath Power Station Scaffold collapse Grevenbroich-Neurath, Germany power station under construction 3 Killed, 6 Injured
2007 Guinea Bridge Collapse Guinea Bridge
2007 Chhinchu suspension bridge Nepalgunj, Birendranagar, Nepal Bridge
2007 WNEP-TV Tower Penobscot Knob, Mountaintop, Pennsylvania, US Guyed Mast
2007 I-35W Mississippi River bridge collapse Minneapolis, Minnesota, US Bridge 13 Killed, 145 Injured
2007 Collapse of bridge over the Jiantuo River during construction Hunan, China Bridge 50+ Killed, ~90+ Injured
2008 Hornslet Wind Turbine Collapse Hornslet, Denmark Wind turbine
2008 303 East 51st Street crane collapse Manhattan, New York City, United States Crane 7 Killed, 24 Injured
2007 Collapse of Cần Thơ Bridge Cần Thơ, Vietnam Bridge +52-59 Killed, +140-189 Injured
2008 Cedar Rapids Railway Bridge Collapse Cedar Rapids, Iowa, US Bridge
2007 Stobart Mill Wind Turbine Collapse [3] Stobart Mill, UK Wind Turbine
2008 Belyayevka Russia School 5 [4]
2008 KATV Tower Redfield, Arkansas, US Guyed Mast
2008 Searsburg Wind Turbine Collapse [5] Searsburg, New Hampshire, US Wind Turbine
2008 Christian rock concert stage collapse Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada Stage 0 Killed, +40 Injured
2009 Emmis Television Wichita Tower Wichita, Kansas, US Guyed Mast
2009 Alona Wind Turbine Collapse [6] Alona, New York, US Wind Turbine
2009 Fenner wind turbine collapse [7] Fenner, New York, US Wind Turbine
2009 Historical Archive of the City of Cologne collapse Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany Building 2 Killed
2009 Situ Gintung Dam Tangerang, Indonesia Dam
2009 Collapse of Lotus Riverside Block 7 Shanghai, China Residential Building 1 Killed
2009 Broadmeadow viaduct Malahide, Ireland Bridge
2009 Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Stadium Terengganu, Malaysia Stadium
2009 Rawicz Radio Tower [8] Rawicz, Poland Lattice Tower
2009 2009 Korba chimney collapse Korba, Chhattisgarh, India At Least 45 Killed, +7 Injured
2009 Big Valley Jamboree stage collapse Camrose, Alberta, Canada Stage 1 Killed, ~75 Injured
2009 Palma de Mallorca House Collapse Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain Building
2009 Jaya Supermarket Petaling Jaya, Malaysia Supermarket 7 Killed, Unknown Injured
2009 Kota Chambal Bridge Collapse Kota, India Bridge


Year Structure Location Type Casualties
2010 Collapse of 45J Ma Tau Wai Road Hong Kong Building 4 Killed
2010 Bab Berdieyinne mosque minaret collapse Meknes, Fès-Meknès, Morocco Religious Building
2010 Myllysilta (Mill Bridge) Turku, Southwest Finland, Finland Bridge
2010 Lalita Park building collapse New Delhi, India Building
2010 Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome roof collapse Minneapolis, Minnesota, US Stadium Roof
2010 Ikeja City Mall Lagos, Nigeria Mall 5 Injured
2010 Blacksburg High School Gymnasium Blacksburg, Virginia, US Gymnasium[7]
2010 Stadium Southland Invercargill, South Island, New Zealand Stadium Roof
2011 Lift bridge Waddinxveen Waddinxveen, Netherlands Bridge
2011 WEAU-TV, WAXX-FM Tower Fairchild, Wisconsin, US Guyed Mast
2011 Kirtorf Wind Turbine collapse [9] Kirtorf, Hesse, Germany Wind Turbine
2011 Enschede Stadium Roof Collapse Enschede, Overijssel, Netherlands Stadium Roof
2011 Antenna mast of tower of Zendstation Smilde Hoogersmilde, Drenthe, Netherlands Partially Guyed Tower
2011 Ottawa Bluesfest stage collapse Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Stage 0 Killed, 3 Injured
2011 Indiana State Fair stage collapse Indianapolis, Indiana, US Stage 7 Killed, 58 Injured
2011 Pukkelpop stage collapse Hasselt, Flemish Community, Belgium Stage
2011 QAL scaffold collapse Gladstone, Queensland, Australia Scaffold
2011 Canterbury Television building collapse Christchurch, South Island New Zealand Commercial building 115 Killed (collapsed during earthquake)
2011 17th Street Bridge walkway[8] Atlanta, Georgia, US Walkway Structure
2012 Vieira Fazenda Office Block Collapses Praça Floriano, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Office Buildings 17 Killed
2012 Radiohead stage collapse Toronto, Ontario, Canada Stage 1 Killed, 3 Injured
2012 Algo Centre Mall Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada shopping mall 2 Killed, 22 Injured
2012 Longwave transmitter Europe 1, Mast 2 Felsberg-Berus, Saarland, Germany Guyed Radio Mast
2012 Sasago Tunnel Border Of Kōshū and Ōtsuki, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan Ceiling Tile 9 Killed, 2 Injured
2013 Partial collapse of modular building under construction Ephrata, Pennsylvania, US Government Building Under Construction 0 Killed, 3 Injured
2013 Dar es Salaam building collapse Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Residential Building 36 Killed, 17/18 Injured
2013 Thane building collapse Thane, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India Building Under Construction [9][10] 74 Killed, 60-62 Injured
2013 Rana Plaza Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh Commercial Building[11] 1100+ Killed, 2500+ Injured
2013 22nd and Market Building Collapse Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. Building 6 Killed, 13 Injured[12]
2013 Penang Second Bridge Penang Island, Malaysia Bridge 1 Killed, 3 Injured
2013 Row houses collapse 400 block of Daly Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Row houses 0 Killed, 8 Injured[13]
2013 I-5 Skagit River Bridge collapse Skagit County, Washington, U.S. Bridge 0 Killed, 3 Injured[14]
2013 Building Under Construction Sao Paulo, Brazil Building At Least 6 Killed, At Least 20 Injured[15]
2013 Residential building Mumbai, India Building At Least 61 Killed, At Least 32 Injured[16]
2013 22-storey residential building Medellin, Colombia Residential Building 12 Killed[17]
2013 Maxima superstore Riga, Latvia Commercial Building 54 Killed [18]
2013 Apollo Theatre London, UK Theatre 0 Killed, 76 Injured[19]
2014 Gyeongju Mauna Resort Gymnasium Gyeongju, North Gyeongsang Province, South Korea Gymnasium 10 Killed, 124 Injured[20]
2014 Death of Keane Wallis-Bennett Edinburgh, Scotland freestanding wall 1
2014 Croce del Papa Collapse Cevo, Italy Guyed mast (inclined) 1 dead
2014 Vilémov Bridge Collapse Vilémov, Czechia Bridge 4 dead (cs)
2014 2014 Synagogue Church building collapse Lagos, Nigeria building At least 44 dead, and 130 rescued from the wreckage[21]
2015 Rekowo Radio Mast Rekowo, Poland Guyed Mast [10]
2015 Apartment building New York, US Building 0 Killed, 12 Injured[citation needed]
2015 Ivanovo Power Plant, Cooling Tower 4 Ivanovo, Russia Cooling tower [11]
2015 Thumper Pond Resort Ottertail, Minnesota Indoor waterpark [22]
2015 Military training center barracks Omsk, Russia building 23 Killed[23]
2015 I-10 bridge collapse Desert Center, California bridge 1 injury[24]
2015 Mecca crane collapse Mecca, Makkah Province, Saudi Arabia Crane 118 killed, 394 injured
2015 Queen Juliana bridge crane collapse Alphen aan den Rijn, South Holland Netherlands 2 Cranes on pontoons No injuries [25]
2015 Dharahara (earthquake, 25 May)) Kathmandu, Nepal 19th century Tower 200 fatalities
2015 Vestas V112 Wind turbine Lemnhult, Sweden Wind turbine
2016 Altenbeken-Buke E66 Wind turbine machine house fall Altenbeken, Germany Wind turbine
2016 Weiguan Jinlong (earthquake, Feb 6)) Tainan, Taiwan Residential Building 114 fatalities[26]
2016 2016 Lagos building collapse Lagos, Nigeria Building under construction
2016 Vivekananda Flyover Bridge Kolkata, West Bengal, India Flyover Bridge [27]
2016 Hu Fa Kuang Sports Centre, City University of Hong Kong Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong Roof collapse 3 injured[28]
2016 Fengcheng power station collapse Fengcheng, Jiangxi, China Cooling tower under construction 74 deaths, 2 injuries[29]
2016 Uyo Church collapse Uyo, Nigeria Church 60 deaths [30]
2017 Česká Třebová Sport Hall Collapse Česká Třebová, Czechia Hall
2017 Plasco Building collapse Tehran, Iran shopping mall 21 deaths, 16 firefighters and 5 civilians
2017 Troja Pedestrian Bridge collapse Prague, Czechia bridge
2017 Eindhoven Airport parking garage collapse [31] Eindhoven, Netherlands Building under construction
2017 Highway overpass collapse during maintenance works[32] Camerano, Italy Highway overpass 2 deaths, 3 injuries [33]
2018 Merriweather Post Pavilion collapse Columbia, Maryland, USA pavilion [12]
2018 Indonesia Stock Exchange floor collapse Jakarta, Indonesia Suspended walkway 72 injuries[34]
2018 Chirajara bridge collapse Chirajara, Colombia Partially constructed motorway Bridge At least 9 deaths, 5 injuries[35]
2018 Florida International University pedestrian bridge collapse Miami, Florida, USA Walkway At least 6 deaths, 9 injuries[36]
2018 Edifício Wilton Paes de Almeida collapse São Paulo, Brazil Building At least 7 deaths[37]
2018 Kundal Shahi bridge collapse Kundal Shahi, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan Walkway At least 12 deaths, 11 injured, missing unknown.[38]
2018 Zhejiang bridge collapse Zhejiang, China Bridge 8 dead, 3 injured.[39]
2018 Ponte Morandi collapse Genoa, Italy Highway bridge 43
2018 San Giuseppe dei Falegnami collapse Rome, Italy Church 0
2018 2018 Magnitogorsk building collapse Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia Apartment building 39 deaths, 5 injured
2019 2019 Lagos school collapse Lagos, Nigeria Residential building 20 dead, over 60 injured
2019 Montana State University gym roofs collapse Bozeman, Montana, USA 2 gymnasiums 0
2019 Building collapse in Mumbai Mumbai, India residential building 2
2019 AFAS Stadion roof collapse [40] Alkmaar, Netherlands stadium roof collapse 0
2019 Hard Rock Hotel Collapse New Orleans, USA Partially constructed hotel collapse 3 dead, 18 injured
2019 Mirepoix-sur-Tarn bridge collapse Mirepoix-sur-Tarn, Occitanie, France Bridge 2 dead
2020 Collapse of Xinjia Express Hotel Quanzhou, Fujian, China Hotel 29 dead
2020 Caprigliola bridge collapse Caprigliola, Tuscany, Italy Bridge 2 injured
2020 Lecheng bridge collapse Sanxi, Jingde County, Anhui, China Bridge
2020 Zhenhai bridge collapse Huangshan City, Anhui, China Bridge


Year Structure Location & Cause Casualties
1865 Steamboat Sultana boiler explosion Memphis, Tennessee, US 1192 dead (estimated)
1882 Inverythan rail accident Fyvie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK 8 dead
1891 Norwood junction rail accident London, UK 0
1954 BOAC Flight 781, de Havilland Comet Mediterranean Sea off Elba 35 dead (all)
1954 South African Airways Flight 201, de Havilland Comet Mediterranean between Naples/Stromboli 21 dead (all)
1966 BOAC Flight 911, Boeing 707 Near Mount Fuji, Japan. Severe turbulence caused the plane to break up in mid-air. 124 dead (all)
1970 Apollo 13, Apollo Service Module Lunar transfer orbit, about 321,860 km Earth altitude, in international territory 0
1972 American Airlines Flight 96, McDonnell Douglas DC-10 Incompletely secured cargo door at the rear of the plane broke off, caused rapid decompression, and severed some wires beneath the floor that controlled the plane's elevators and rudder. A safe landing was made at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport. 11 injured
1974 Turkish Airlines Flight 981, McDonnell Douglas DC-10 Originated at Istanbul Yesilköy Airport & departed Orly International Airport, Paris, France. Incompletely secured cargo door at the rear of the plane broke off, caused rapid decompression, and severed wires beneath the floor that controlled the plane's elevators and rudder. Plane crashed in the Ermenonville Forest. 346 dead (all)
1979 American Airlines Flight 191, McDonnell Douglas DC-10 O'Hare International Airport in Chicago, Illinois, US. Lost left engine on take-off due to improper maintenance. 273 dead (all on board, 2 on the ground)
1985 Japan Airlines Flight 123, Boeing 747 Mount Takamagahara in Gunma Prefecture, Japan. Crashed due to rapid decompression that ripped off a large portion of tail and caused the loss of hydraulic controls to entire plane. It is the deadliest aviation accident in history to involve a single aircraft. 520 dead, 4 injured
1986 Space Shuttle Challenger disaster Cape Canaveral, Florida, US 7 dead (all)
1988 Aloha Airlines Flight 243, Boeing 737 Pacific Ocean near Kahului, Hawaii, US. Metal fatigue caused the plane's fuselage to blow off. 1 dead, 65 injured
1989 United Airlines Flight 811, Boeing 747 Pacific Ocean off Honolulu, Hawaii, US. Cargo door failure caused an explosive decompression. 9 dead, 38 injured
1991 Nigeria Airways Flight 2120, McDonald Douglas DC-8-61 Crashed after catching fire on taking off from King Abdulaziz International Airport, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Fire was due to under-inflated tires & fire caused failure of hydraulic system. 261 dead, including 14 Canadian aircrew.
1996 TWA Flight 800, Boeing 747 Atlantic Ocean near East Moriches, New York, US. Crashed due to a fuel tank explosion, causing the plane to break apart. 230 dead (all)
2001 American Airlines Flight 587, Airbus A300B4-605R Crashed into the Belle Harbor neighborhood of Queens, NYC. Plane's vertical stabilizer snapped off. 260 on plane dead (all) & 5 on ground dead
2002 China Airlines Flight 611, Boeing 747 Over the Penghu Islands, Taiwan. The plane had suffered a tailstrike in 1980 and was improperly repaired. 225 dead (all)
2003 Space Shuttle Columbia disaster over Texas, US 7 dead (all)
2011 Sinking of the Russian ship Bulgaria Kuybyshev Reservoir, Russia 122 dead
2014 Sinking of MV Sewol near Jindo County, South Korea 306 dead


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