Victory War Memorial

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Coordinates: 13°4′24″N 80°17′8″E / 13.07333°N 80.28556°E / 13.07333; 80.28556

The Victory War Memorial

Victory War Memorial, formerly called the Cupid's bow, is a memorial in Chennai, India, originally constructed to commemorate the victory of the Allied Armies during World War I (1914–1918) and later became the victory war memorial for World War II (1939–1945), erected in the memory of those from the Madras presidency who lost their lives in the wars.[1] Later addition includes inscriptions of 1948 Kashmir Aggression, 1962 War with China and the Indo-Pakistan War.


The Victory War Memorial clicked by Irfan Ahmed Photography[2]

The Victory War Memorial is located to the south of Fort St. George and marks the beginning of the 13-km-long Marina beach. It is a circular rock and marble structure built in the area that formerly housed the coastal belfry.

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