Kodambakkam Bridge

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Kodambakkam Overbridge

Kodambakkam Bridge is a road overbridge in the city of Chennai, India. Opened in 1965, it is one of the oldest overbridges in the city. The bridge has a length of 623 meters.[1]


Prior to the construction of the bridge, there was a railway crossing at Kodambakkam, one of the busiest in the city. Choked by heavy traffic, the construction of a bridge was first proposed in the Lok Sabha in the late 1950s.[2] Eventually, the Madras State Highways Department took up the construction of a bridge in September 1963 and completed it in September 1965.


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Coordinates: 13°03′15″N 80°13′51″E / 13.0541°N 80.2309°E / 13.0541; 80.2309