Nottingham Station tram stop

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Nottingham Station
NET tram station
NET-stationstreet 03.jpg
The elevated tram stop showing street access
Coordinates 52°56′52″N 1°08′43.8″W / 52.94778°N 1.145500°W / 52.94778; -1.145500Coordinates: 52°56′52″N 1°08′43.8″W / 52.94778°N 1.145500°W / 52.94778; -1.145500
Owned by Nottingham Express Transit
Line(s) NET Line 1
Platforms 2
Tracks 2
Structure type Elevated
Disabled access Yes
Opened 2004

Nottingham Station (previously Station Street) is a tram stop on the Nottingham Express Transit network, opened in March 2004.[1] The stop is the southern terminus for both routes of the tram line. It is located on Station Street, directly north of Nottingham railway station and partially over the Nottingham Canal. A footbridge between the railway station and the tram stop provides for a direct interchange between NET's service and National Rail services.

The tram stop is constructed on a separate right-of-way, built on top of part of the old Great Central Main Line viaduct that used to lead northwards to the separate Nottingham Victoria railway station. After running through the centre of Nottingham, the tram route diverges from the on-street section as it proceeds onto the viaduct to reach the Station Street terminus.

The tram stop itself is substantial, with a small station building containing a waiting area housing steps and a lift to reach the street below, plus as short footbridge that connects to the main railway station. Up to three trams can be accommodated on the two platform faces: the western platform is a single length platform, while the eastern platform is an extended double-length platform.

Upon completion of the NET Phase 2 proposal to extend the tram network into the south and west of Nottingham, the existing stop on Station Street will be superseded by a new stop above the southern side of the railway station. This new stop is intended to connect directly with the railway station's concourse.[2]

A pair of trams stand at Station Street
Preceding station   Nottingham Express Transit Nottingham Express Transit   Following station
Terminus   Line 1   Lace Market
towards Hucknall or Phoenix Park


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