Arbaclofen placarbil

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Arbaclofen placarbil
Arbaclofen placarbil.svg
Systematic (IUPAC) name
(3R)-3-(4-chlorophenyl)-4-[[[(1S)-2-methyl-1-[(2-methylpropanoyl)oxy]propoxy]carbonyl]amino]butanoic acid
Clinical data
  • N/A
Legal status
  • Development terminated
CAS Registry Number 847353-30-4
ATC code None
PubChem CID: 11281011
ChemSpider 9456008
KEGG D08861 YesY
Chemical data
Formula C19H26ClNO6
Molecular mass 399.86 g/mol

Arbaclofen placarbil (ar-BAC-loe-fen pla-KAR-bil, also known as XP19986) is a prodrug of R-baclofen. Arbaclofen placarbil possesses more favorable pharmacokinetic profile than baclofen, with less fluctuations in plasma drug levels. It was being developed as a potential treatment for patients with GERD and spasticity due to multiple sclerosis; however, in May 2013 XenoPort announced the termination of development because of unsuccessful results in phase III clinical trials.[1]

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