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Mark Whitney
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OccupationPolitical Satirist, Podcaster, Playwright, Comedian, Entrepreneur
Known forLate Nite Last Week and Fool For A Client

Mark Whitney produces and performs Late Nite Last Week, the #1 political satire show on Apple Podcasts. He has toured as a one-man show since 2006.[1] Whitney’s one man shows include "The EDucation of Dianne,"[2] and "Fool For A Client."[3][4] He has been profiled by Robert McKee in Story Magazine, sharing the cover with Drew Carey and Russell Brand.[5]


Whitney founded and ran the San Diego Comedy Co-op where he produced approximately 500 free shows over three years.[1][3] He performs at Fringe Festivals[3][4][6] including Capital Fringe Festival[7] and Minnesota Fringe Festival.[8] Whitney won an award at the San Francisco Comedy Convention for stand-up comedy. He has also received recognition at performance festivals including the D.C. Theatre Festival, the Iowa Theatre Festival, the Boulder International Theatre Festival, the Minnesota Theatre Festival, and the San Francisco Theatre Festival.[1]

Whitney also produces the podcast "Late Nite Last Week."[9] He is the founder, owner and CEO of Corporation, a legal research infomediary he founded in 1999.[7][10][11]

Political activism[edit]

In 2012, Whitney filed a lawsuit challenging President Barack Obama in the military personnel's presence in Libya.[12][13] Because the NATO operation ended before the suit was tried, the court case was dismissed as moot.[12]

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