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Type of site
Internet encyclopedia project
Available in Xhosa language
Headquarters Miami, Florida
Owner Wikimedia Foundation
Website xh.wikipedia.org
Commercial Charitable
Registration Optional
Content license
Creative Commons ShareAlike License 3.0

The Xhosa Wikipedia is the Xhosa language edition of Wikipedia. It has 740 articles, which makes it the 257th largest Wikipedia.[1]

The Xhosa edition of Wikipedia was started in June 2003.[2] Its low number of articles has led to proposals to close it in 2008[3] and 2013[4] (both rejected).

As Xhosa is mutually intelligible with Zulu, both of which are Nguni languages, it is possible for articles in the Zulu edition to be easily translated into Xhosa for the Xhosa Wikipedia. Similar trans-wiki efforts have been made for Scandinavian-language editions, such as the Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish through Wikimedia's Skanwiki collaboration tool.

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