Al-Jammasin al-Sharqi

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Al-Jammasin al-Sharqi
Subdistrict Jaffa
Palestine grid 134/166
Population 730 (1945)
Date of depopulation March 17, 1948[1]
Cause(s) of depopulation Fear of being caught up in the fighting

Al-Jammasin al-Sharqi was a Palestinian Arab village in the Jaffa Subdistrict. It was depopulated during the 1948 Palestine War on March 17, 1948. It was located 9 km northeast of Jaffa.

It had a total population of 730 in 1945.


  1. ^ Morris, 2004, p.xviii, village #204. Also gives cause of depopulation.


Coordinates: 32°05′54″N 34°49′44″E / 32.0982°N 34.8289°E / 32.0982; 34.8289