Gaza Subdistrict, Mandatory Palestine

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Gaza Subdistrict
قضاء غزة
Subdistrict of Mandatory Palestine

Location of Gaza Subdistrict
Capital Gaza
 •  Established 1920
 •  Disestablished 1948
Today part of Israel Southern District
State of Palestine Gaza Strip

The Gaza Subdistrict (Arabic: قضاء غزة‎‎) was one of the subdistricts of Mandatory Palestine. It was situated in the southern Mediterranean coastline of the British Mandate of Palestine. After the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, the district disintegrated, with Israel controlling the northern and eastern portions while Egypt held control of the southern and central parts – which became the Gaza Strip, under Egyptian military between 1948 and 1967, Israeli military rule after 1967 and part of the Palestinian National Authority (with some aspects of retained Israeli rule) after the Oslo Accords in 1993–1994. The parts which Israel held since 1948 were merged into Israeli administrative districts, their connection with Gaza severed.



All of the localities captured by Israel were depopulated prior, during or after the 1948 War. al-Majdal was not destroyed.

Existing localities
Former localities

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