Al-Qubayba, Ramle

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This article is about the former village in Ramle Sub-district. For the former village in Hebron Sub-district, see Al-Qubayba, Hebron. For the Palestinian village in Jerusalem, see Al-Qubeiba, Jerusalem.
Kubeiba upper building - Kfar Gvirol - Rehovot 2.jpg
Relic of a house built in Al-Qubayba before 1948
Al-Qubayba is located in Mandatory Palestine
Arabic القبيبة
Name meaning The little dome[1]
Subdistrict Ramle
Coordinates 31°53′41″N 34°46′17″E / 31.89472°N 34.77139°E / 31.89472; 34.77139Coordinates: 31°53′41″N 34°46′17″E / 31.89472°N 34.77139°E / 31.89472; 34.77139
Palestine grid 128/144
Population 1720[2][3] (1945)
Area 10,737 dunams
Date of depopulation May 27–28, 1948[4]
Cause(s) of depopulation Expulsion by Yishuv forces
Current localities Ge'alya;[5] Kfar Gevirol;[5] Kefar Hanaggid is near settlement land,[6] but located on land belonging to Yibna

Al-Qubayba (Arabic: القبيبة‎‎) was a Palestinian Arab village in the Ramle Subdistrict. It was depopulated during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War on May 27, 1948, by the Givati Brigade as part of the Second stage of Operation Barak. It was located 10.5 km southeast of Ramla near the Rubin River (or Wadi al-Sarar) which provided the village with water and irrigation for agriculture. Al-Qubayba was mostly destroyed with the exception of a few houses, and Kfar Gevirol was built in its place, now a suburb in the west of Rehovot.

In 1945, the village had a population of 1,720. An elementary school for boys which was founded in 1929, and by 1945 it had an enrollment of 344 students.


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