Acre Subdistrict, Mandatory Palestine

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Acre Subdistrict
قضاء عكا
Subdistrict of Mandatory Palestine

Location of Acre Subdistrict
Capital Acre
 •  Established 1920
 •  Disestablished 1948
 •  1945 799 km2 (308 sq mi)
 •  1904 31,593 
 •  1945 68,330 
Density 85.5 /km2  (221.5 /sq mi)
Today part of Israel

The Acre Subdistrict (Arabic: قضاء عكا‎‎ Qadaa Akka) was one of the subdistricts of Mandatory Palestine. It was located in modern-day northern Israel. The city of Acre was the district's capital.


History of attachment to a district[edit]

Districts and Sub-Districts of Palestine in 1945.

The layout of the districts of Mandatory Palestine changed several times:

  • 1922 Northern District
  • 1937 Galilee District
  • 1939 Galilee and Acre District
  • 1940 Galilee District
  • 1948 dissolution

The territory is now covered by the Northern District of Israel.

Depopulated towns and villages[edit]

(current localities in parentheses)

Coordinates: 32°35′00″N 35°00′00″E / 32.5833°N 35.0000°E / 32.5833; 35.0000