Ayn al-Mansi

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Ayn al-Mansi
Ayn al-Mansi is located in Mandatory Palestine
Ayn al-Mansi
Ayn al-Mansi
Arabic عين المنسي
Name meaning "forgotten well"
Also spelled 'Ein al-Mansi
Subdistrict Jenin
Coordinates 32°35′35.80″N 35°10′38.15″E / 32.5932778°N 35.1772639°E / 32.5932778; 35.1772639Coordinates: 32°35′35.80″N 35°10′38.15″E / 32.5932778°N 35.1772639°E / 32.5932778; 35.1772639
Palestine grid 166/222
Population 90 (1945[1])
Area 1,295 dunams
Date of depopulation mid-April 1948[2]
Cause(s) of depopulation Military assault by Yishuv forces

Ayn al-Mansi (Arabic: عين المنسي‎, Ein el Mansî) was a Palestinian Arab village in the District of Jenin of the Mandatory Palestine. It was depopulated as a result of a military attack in mid-April during the 1947–48 Civil War in Mandatory Palestine.[2]

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