Conjugated estrogens/methyltestosterone

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Conjugated estrogens /
Estrone sulfate.svg
Combination of
Conjugated estrogensEstrogen
MethyltestosteroneAndrogen; Anabolic steroid
Clinical data
Trade namesPremarin with Methyltestosterone
Other namesCEEs/MT; CEs/MT
Routes of
By mouth
Drug classEstrogen; Androgen; Anabolic steroid
Legal status
Legal status

Conjugated estrogens/methyltestosterone (CEEs/MT), sold under the brand name Premarin with Methyltestosterone, is a combination of conjugated estrogens (CEEs), an estrogen, and methyltestosterone (MT), an androgen and anabolic steroid (AAR), which is used in menopausal hormone therapy for women.[1][2][3][4] It contains 0.625 to 1.25 mg CEEs and 5 to 10 mg MT.[2] The medication was marketed by Wyeth-Ayerst.[2] CEEs/MT was previously marketed in the United States and Canada.[4] It remains available only in Paraguay, under the brand names Delitan and Delitan Forte.[5]

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