Khirbat Lid

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Lid is located in Mandatory Palestine
Subdistrict Haifa
Coordinates 32°36′49.2″N 35°13′26.7″E / 32.613667°N 35.224083°E / 32.613667; 35.224083Coordinates: 32°36′49.2″N 35°13′26.7″E / 32.613667°N 35.224083°E / 32.613667; 35.224083
Palestine grid 171/224
Population 640 (1945)
Date of depopulation Not known[1]
Current localities ha-Yogev

Lid was a Palestinian Arab village in the Haifa Subdistrict. It was depopulated during the 1947–1948 Civil War in Mandatory Palestine on April 9, 1948. It was located 32 km southeast of Haifa.

In 1945 it had a population of 640. The Khirbat al-Manatir contained artifacts from the Byzantine period.


  1. ^ Morris, 2004, p. xviii, village #385. Gives cause of depopulation and date as "Not known"


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