Khirbat Al-Mansura

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Khirbat Al-Mansura
Khirbat Al-Mansura is located in Mandatory Palestine
Khirbat Al-Mansura
Khirbat Al-Mansura
Arabic خربة المنصورة
Name meaning Jelamet el Mansûrah, the hill of Mansûreh[1]
Subdistrict Haifa
Coordinates 32°40′28″N 35°05′59″E / 32.67444°N 35.09972°E / 32.67444; 35.09972Coordinates: 32°40′28″N 35°05′59″E / 32.67444°N 35.09972°E / 32.67444; 35.09972
Palestine grid 159/231
Date of depopulation April 28, 1948

Khirbat Al-Mansura was a Palestinian village in the Haifa Subdistrict. It was probably depopulated during an offensive by the Carmeli Brigade at the end of April 1948. It was located 18.5 km southeast of Haifa with a mostly Druze population.[2] Khirbat Al-Mansura contained the ruins of building foundations and rock-cut tombs.


In 1863, the Victor Guérin described El Mansoura as a small Druze village.[3]

In the 1931 census of Palestine it was counted under Daliyat al-Karmel, together with Deir el Muhraqa.[4]


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