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Amazon Game Circle
Game Circle Logo.png
TypeOnline service
Launch dateJuly 2012; 8 years ago (2012-07)
DiscontinuedSeptember 4, 2018; 2 years ago (2018-09-04)
Platform(s)Fire OS Edit this at Wikidata

Amazon Game Circle is a retired online multiplayer social gaming network released by Amazon. It allowed players to track their achievements and compares their high scores on a leader board. It debuted in July 2012[1] and was retired September 5, 2018.[2]

Amazon GameCircle allows users to organize game achievements, game leaderboards, and the Whispersync application.[3] Whispersync simplifies save files for games by backing them up in its system, which allows players to play online and focus more on gameplay and less on save files.[4] Players can access their games and statistics from any compatible device from the Games menu.[5] GameCircle was originally only compatible with Kindle Fire devices; however, in July 2013 Amazon opened up the application to all Android devices.[6] A GameCircle plug-in became available for Apple and Android devices and the Kindle Fire, Fire HD, and Fire HDX in 2014.[7] Players can choose from a variety of games that can be found on Amazon's GameCircle app store.[8] Amazon released GameCircle in July 2012 as an alternative to Apple's Game Center, which failed at attracting the audience it was created for in 2010.[9] In 2013, Amazon released a study that spanned over three months that showed the success of GameCircle by finding "that games using its GameCircle service produced 38 per cent higher conversion rates and 33 per cent more in-app purchases per paying customer than titles which did not".[10]

As of September 19, 2017, Amazon began the process of disbanding GameCircle. It rolled out updates to its devices such as the Amazon Fire tablet to disable the GameCircle features. No reason for this action was announced by Amazon.


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