Bresler's Ice Cream

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Bresler's Ice Cream
Fate Rebranded
Founded 1927
Defunct 2007
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Number of locations
300+ at peak
Area served
Products Ice cream

Bresler's 33 Flavors was an American ice cream chain founded in 1927. Its founder was Polish immigrant William J. Bresler, who died in 1985.[1]

In 1954, Bresler's began a fast food hamburger chain called Henry's Hamburgers.[2]

The Bresler's chain was sold in 1987 to Oberweis Dairy in Aurora, Illinois. At the time, it comprised 300 stores, of which 297 were franchises.[3]

Shortly afterward, the chain was renamed from Bresler's 33 Flavors to Bresler's Ice Cream, and added frozen yogurt to its menus to compete with TCBY.[4] Two years later, Oberweis sold the chain to David Lasky.[5][6]

Yogen Früz parent company CoolBrands acquired the chain in 1995 and began expanding it internationally, including locations in Israel and Egypt.[7][8] CoolBrands rebranded the last five Bresler's locations in 2007.[9]


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