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Coordinates: 12°56′N 80°07′E / 12.93°N 80.11°E / 12.93; 80.11

Chennai Tambaram
Station of Chennai Suburban Railway and Southern Railways
Tambaram railway station.jpg
Tambaram Railway Station
Location GST Road, Tambaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Coordinates 12°5′16″N 80°32′48″E / 12.08778°N 80.54667°E / 12.08778; 80.54667
Owned by Ministry of Railways, Indian Railways
Platforms 9
Tracks 11
Structure type Standard on-ground station
Parking Available
Other information
Station code TBM
Fare zone Southern Railways
Electrified 1931[1]
Previous names South Indian Railway
Passengers 2,00,000/day

Tambaram Railway Station is one of the railway terminal of the Chennai Beach–Tambaram section of the Chennai Suburban Railway Network. First platform 1A and 1 floored by granite for Sudhakaran. It is situated at a distance of 6 km from the centre of Tambaram. It is situated in South Chennai and located 27 km from broadway. It is one of the fastest growing railway hubs outside Chennai Central in the southern direction. Everyday, on an average, around 150,000 commuters use the station. About 280 suburban electric trains operate from Tambaram, including those between Chennai Beach and Chengalpattu and Kancheepuram.[2][3] Further, more than 25 expresses, including those bound for Howrah and other places in the north pass through the town. It is also third busiest station in the city (after Chennai Central and Chennai Egmore). The daily ticket sales at Tambaram fetch 1 million, half of which comes from suburban travellers. It is the second most revenue-generating station in Chennai after Moore Market Complex.[4] A total of 52 trains pass through the station.[5]

Tambaram Railway Station divides Tambaram into East Tambaram and West Tambaram. There are nine platforms in the station. Platforms 1-4 are used for suburban trains between Chengalpattu and Chennai Beach and platforms between 5 and 9 are used by the suburban electric trains between Chennai Beach and Chengalpattu and Tirumalpur and also long distance express trains. Most of the suburban electric train services originating from Tambaram to Beach and Chengalpattu leave from the first two platforms. There is a foot overbridge connecting East and West Tambaram with access to all platforms. In 2008, Southern Railway started building an additional platform at the westernmost side of the railway station, making Platform No.1 a double-discharge platform, a design which helps commuters to alight on either side of the train, similar to the one at Park Railway Station, where the passengers could alight on the western side for quicker access to Chennai Central.[6]


The lines at the station were one of the first in Chennai to be electrified. They were energised on 1.5 kV DC in 1931 with the electrification of the Chennai Beach–Tambaram section, and the third line in the section was electrified on 15 January 1965. The lines further south from the station, up to Chengalpattu, were electrified on 9 January 1965. On 15 January 1967, all the lines were converted to 25 kV AC.[1]


Every day, 160 train services are operated between Chennai Beach and Tambaram, 70 between Tambaram and Chengalpet and 16 between Tambaram and Kancheepuram.[7]

Ticket sales at Tambaram Station are the highest on the suburban sector. Monthly sales of tickets, which stood at 0.712 million in November 2010, went up to 0.75 million in November 2011, when the state government hiked bus fares. It shot up to 0.837 million in December 2011 and to 0.871 million in January 2012. In April 2012, the figure touched 0.826 million. Nearly 95 percent of the tickets sold are on the suburban sector, while the remaining are to neighbouring and southern districts.[8] As of 2013, about 20,000 people buy tickets at the station daily.[9]

Hub terminal[edit]

In an effort to decongest the traffic at the Chennai Central railway station, Egmore was announced as the second terminal, and the railways has decided to make Tambaram as the third terminal so that the trains from southern districts could halt there.[10][11]

The station's proximity to the Central Warehousing Corporation’s godown located at Chitlapakkam makes it technically important. Four railway lines exist between Chennai Beach and Tambaram, two for up and down long distance trains and two for up and down suburban services. However, only two rail lines exist between Tambaram and Chengelpet, which are not enough to meet the growing demand of the section let alone its future requirements. March 2013 has been set as the deadline for the completion of the first phase of Tambaram station development project, and Southern Railway had prepared and submitted to the railway board a proposal to lay additional lines for a 30 km stretch from Tambaram to Chengelpet at an estimate of 2000 million but the board is yet to give its approval.[12] As a first step towards this, Southern Railways plans to set up a coaching terminal at Tambaram at an approximate cost of 340 million. It will have pit lines for maintenance, stabling lines and additional platforms.[13]


The station had a huge metre-gauge freight marshalling yard for Chennai, which has been closed.[14] It is also a former electric shed and home to the YAM-1 locomotives. Presently, the station has a broad-gauge EMU maintenance and car shed.[15] The EMU car shed was established in 1931 and has adequate facilities to maintain 12-coach rakes. As of 2006, the number of staff in charge of maintenance at the car shed is six per car.[16]


EMU car shed at Tambaram railway station

The first broad gauge line at Tambaram was laid in 1995-96, which was part of the broad gauge conversion from Egmore. In 2004, platform 2 was converted to broad gauge line. In 2008, platform 1 was built. Subsequently, the conversion of lines at platforms 3, 4 and 5 into broad gauge was taken up but had to be halted due to a shortage of funds.[7]

A new station building with 10 ticket counters at the western side of the track was constructed at a cost of 13 million in 2003. Space was provided for food courts, coffee parlours, a medical shop and public call offices and also for shunting wagons. It was designed to have six retiring rooms, three of which were to be air-conditioned, in addition to two air-conditioned dormitories, deluxe waiting halls and a VIP lounge.[4]

Along the lines of a similar facility at the Chennai Central railway station, the Southern Railways constructed a bus bay in 2006 to serve the more than 100,000 passengers who travel by Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) buses in Tambaram. On an average, Tambaram records an increase of 30,000 passengers every year for MTC buses. Everyday, 1,500 MTC buses are run from Tambaram to Mamallapuram, Tiruporur (on OMR), Kovalam and Vadamalli (on ECR), Sriperumbudur and Walajabad, among other places.[17]

On 5 January 2012, Southern Railway started preliminary works for shifting south-bound trains to Tambaram junction although there were protests against the proposal of making Tambaram the third terminal of Chennai after Chennai Central and Chennai Egmore. To begin with, the Southern Railway decided to construct an escalator at the main entrance and another at the eastern side (facing Madras Christian College). It was also decided to install common escalators for platforms 1 and 2 where passengers of suburban trains alight besides another one for passengers alighting from south-bound express trains on platforms 6 and 7, a feature already available at Egmore junction. The station has enough space to build three additional platforms.[18]

In 2014, an escalator connecting East Tambaram with the foot overbridge and platform 1A was installed in the station, the first of its kind in a suburban station around Chennai.[19]


In 2011, the measures were taken to enhance the security at the railway station. Work on the integrated security system began on 17 August 2011, which will include more closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, door-frame metal detectors, baggage screening devices costing about 4 million and a separate control room for the Railway Protection Force (RPF) for better communication and co-ordination with the headquarters. The station, which has 14 CCTV cameras, will get 26 more CCTV cameras in important locations, including on Platforms 3 and 4, the parking lot and the coach shed. Laying of cables has already begun. The existing analogue cameras at Tambaram will be converted into digital cameras. The high-resolution CCTV cameras, capable of zooming down to 100 m and being remote controlled, are enabled with Internet Protocol.[2]

The 400-million Integrated Security Surveillance System (ISSS) project is implemented jointly by the Southern Railways and HCL Infosystems.[20]

Accident rates[edit]

On the GuindyChengalpet suburban section, comprising 17 stations, the ChromepetTambaram stretch remains the deadliest with at least 15 accidents a month.[21]

Originating trains[edit]

Train Number Train Name Type Source Departure Time Departure Days Destination Arrival Time Arrival Days
56859 Tambaram - Villupuram Passenger Passenger Tambaram 18:10 Daily Villupuram 21:10 Daily
14816 Bhagath ki kothi HUMSAFAR Express Humsafar Tambaram 19:15 Friday Bhagat Ki Kothi 19:30 Sunday
06027 TBM QLN EXPRESS Express Tambaram 17:30 Monday/Wednesday Kollam 10:30 Tuesday/Thursday
15929* Tambaram - Dibrugarh Weekly Express Express Tambaram 21:45 Thursday Dibrugarh 18:00 Monday
15629* Tambaram - Guwahati Express Express Tambaram 21:45 Monday Guwahati 04:45 Thursday
  • * On Trial Basis From August 7, 2017

Terminating Trains[edit]

Train Number Train Name Type Source Departure Time Departure Days Destination Arrival Time Arrival Days
56860 Villupuram-Tambaram Passenger Passenger Villupuram 18:10 Daily Tambaram 21:10 Daily
14815 TBM Humsafar Express Humsafar Bhagat Ki Kothi 15:30 Wednesday Tambaram 10:45 Friday
06028 QLN TBM EXPRESS Express Kollam 13:00 Tuesday/Thursday Tambaram 05:05 Wednesday/Friday
15930* Dibrugarh - Tambaram Weekly Express Express Dibrugarh 18:10 Sunday Tambaram 21:15 Wednesday
15630* Guwahati - Tambaram Weekly Express Express Guwahati 15:00 Friday Tambaram 21:15 Sunday
Tambaram-Tirunelveli Antyodaya Express Passenger Tambaram
  • * On Trial Basis From August 7, 2017

Train Timings[edit]

Tambaram has train facility from Early Morning 4 AM to Mid night 12 AM.For every 10 minutes we have beach to tambarm train.Chengalpattu to beach train flows for every 30 minutes.In Morning station is full of office goings.


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