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Universities of Technology
Universités de Technologie
Type Public
Established 1972
Location Belfort, Compiègne, Troyes, France

The Universities of technology (French: Universités de Technologie) are public institutions awarding degrees and diplomas that are accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. Although called "universities", the universities of technology are in fact non-university institutes (écoles extérieures aux universités), as defined by Chapter I, Section II (Articles 34 through 36) of French law 84-52 of 26 January 1984 regarding higher education (the loi Savary).

They possess the advantage of combining all the assets of the engineering Grandes Écoles and those of universities as they develop simultaneously and coherently three missions:

They maintain close links with the industrial world both on national and international levels and they are reputed for their ability to innovate, adapt and provide an education that matches the ever-changing demands of industry[citation needed].

This network includes three institutions:

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