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This is a list of reptile species found in the Kerala, India.


Order: Crocodilia (Crocodilians)[edit]

Suborder: Eusuchia[edit]

Family: Crocodylidae (Crocodiles)[edit]

Genus: Crocodylus[edit]
Crocodylus porosus (Saltwater crocodile)[edit]
Crocodylus palustris (Mugger crocodile)[edit]

Order: Testudines (Turtles)[edit]

Suborder: Cryptodira[edit]

Family: Geoemydidae (Pond, river and wood turtles)[edit]

Genus: Melanochelys[edit]
Melanochelys trijuga (Indian black turtle)[edit]
Genus: Vijayachelys[edit]
Vijayachelys silvatica (Cochin forest cane turtle)[edit]

Family: Cheloniidae (Sea turtles)[edit]

Genus: Chelonia[edit]
Chelonia mydas (Green sea turtle)[edit]
Genus: Eretmochelys[edit]
Eretmochelys imbricata (Hawksbill sea turtle)[edit]
Genus: Lepidochelys[edit]
Lepidochelys olivacea (Olive ridley sea turtle)[edit]

Family: Dermochelyidae (Leatherback turtles)[edit]

Genus: Dermochelys[edit]
Dermochelys coriacea (Leatherback sea turtle)[edit]

Family: Testudinidae (Tortoises)[edit]

Genus: Geochelone[edit]
Geochelone elegans (Indian star tortoise)[edit]
Genus: Indotestudo[edit]
Indotestudo travancorica (Travancore tortoise)[edit]

Family: Trionychidae (Softshell turtles)[edit]

Genus: Nilssonia[edit]
Nilssonia leithii (Leith's softshell turtle)[edit]
Genus: Lissemys[edit]
Lissemys punctata (Indian flapshell turtle)[edit]
Genus: Pelochelys[edit]
Pelochelys cantorii (Cantor's giant softshell turtle)[edit]
Genus: Chitra[edit]
Chitra indica (Indian narrow-headed softshell turtle)[edit]

Order: Squamata (Scaled reptiles)[edit]

Suborder: Iguania[edit]

Family: Agamidae (Lizards)[edit]

Genus: Calotes[edit]
Calotes calotes (Common green forest lizard)[edit]
Calotes grandisquamis (Large-scaled forest lizard)[edit]
Calotes nemoricola (Nilgiri forest lizard)[edit]
Calotes versicolor (Oriental garden lizard)[edit]
Genus: Monilesaurus[edit]
Monilesaurus ellioti (Elliot's forest lizard)[edit]
Monilesaurus rouxii (Roux's forest lizard)[edit]
Genus: Draco[edit]
Draco dussumieri (Southern flying lizard)[edit]
Genus: Otocryptis[edit]
Otocryptis beddomei (Indian kangaroo lizard)[edit]
Genus: Psammophilus[edit]
Psammophilus blanfordanus (Blanford's rock agama)[edit]
Psammophilus dorsalis (Peninsular rock agama)[edit]
Genus: Salea[edit]
Salea anamallayana (Anaimalai spiny lizard)[edit]
Salea horsfieldii (Horsfield's spiny lizard)[edit]
Genus: Sitana[edit]
Sitana ponticeriana (Fan-throated lizard)[edit]

Family: Chamaeleonidae (Chameleons)[edit]

Genus: Chamaeleo[edit]
Chamaeleo zeylanicus (Indian chameleon)[edit]

Family: Gekkonidae (Geckoes)[edit]

Genus: Cnemaspis[edit]
Cnemaspis beddomei (Beddome's day gecko)[edit]
Cnemaspis gracilis (Slender day gecko)[edit]
Cnemaspis indica (Indian day gecko)[edit]
Cnemaspis kottiyoorensis (Kottiyoor day gecko)[edit]
Cnemaspis littoralis (Coastal day gecko)[edit]
Cnemaspis monticola (Mountain day gecko)[edit]
Cnemaspis nairi (Ponmudi day gecko)[edit]
Cnemaspis nilagirica (Nilgiri day gecko)[edit]
Cnemaspis ornata (Ornate day gecko)[edit]
Cnemaspis sisparensis (Sispara day gecko)[edit]
Cnemaspis wynadensis (Wyanad day gecko)[edit]
Genus: Geckoella[edit]
Geckoella collegalensis (Kollegal ground gecko)[edit]
Genus: Gehyra[edit]
Gehyra mutilata (Four-clawed gecko)[edit]

Genus: Hemidactylus[edit]
Hemidactylus anamallensis (Anaimalai gecko)[edit]
Hemidactylus brookii (Brooke's house gecko)[edit]
Hemidactylus frenatus (Common house gecko)[edit]
Hemidactylus leschenaultii (Leschenault's leaf-toed gecko)[edit]
Hemidactylus maculatus (Spotted leaf-toed gecko)[edit]
Hemidactylus prashadi (Bombay leaf-toed gecko)[edit]
Hemidactylus reticulatus (Reticulate leaf-toed gecko)[edit]
Hemidactylus triedrus (Termite hill gecko)[edit]

Family: Lacertidae (Lacertas)[edit]

Genus: Ophisops[edit]
Ophisops beddomei (Beddome's snake-eye/lacerta)[edit]
Ophisops leschenaultii (Leschenault's snake-eye/lacerta)[edit]

Family: Scincidae (Skinks)[edit]

Genus: Chalcides[edit]
Chalcides pentadactylus (Five-fingered skink)[edit]
Genus: Dasia[edit]
Dasia subcaeruleum (Boulenger's tree skink)[edit]
Genus: Eutropis[edit]
Eutropis beddomii (Beddome's skink)[edit]
Eutropis bibronii (Bibron’s seashore skink)[edit]
Eutropis carinata (Golden skink)[edit]
Eutropis clivicola (Mountain/Inger's skink)[edit]
Eutropis macularia (Bronze grass skink)[edit]
Genus: Kaestlea/Scincella[edit]
Kaestlea beddomii (Beddome’s ground skink)[edit]
Kaestlea bilineata (Two-lined ground skink)[edit]
Kaestlea laterimaculata (Side-spotted ground skink)[edit]
Kaestlea palnica (Palni ground skink)[edit]
Kaestlea travancorica (Travancore ground skink)[edit]
Genus: Lygosoma[edit]
Lygosoma albopunctatum (White-spotted supple skink)[edit]
Lygosoma punctata (White-spotted supple skink)[edit]
Genus: Ristella[edit]
Ristella beddomii (Beddome's cat skink)[edit]
Ristella guentheri (Günther's cat skink)[edit]
Ristella rurkii (Rurk’s cat skink)[edit]
Ristella travancorica (Travancore cat skink)[edit]
Genus: Sphenomorphus[edit]
Sphenomorphus dussumieri (Dussumier's forest skink)[edit]

Family: Varanidae (Monitor lizards)[edit]

Genus: Varanus[edit]
Varanus bengalensis (Bengal/Indian monitor)[edit]

Suborder: Serpentes[edit]

Family: Acrochordidae (File snakes)[edit]

Genus: Acrochordus[edit]
Acrochordus granulatus (Marine file snake)[edit]

Family: Colubridae (Colubrid snakes)[edit]

Genus: Ahaetulla[edit]
Ahaetulla dispar (Gunther's vine snake)[edit]
Ahaetulla nasuta (Green vine snake)[edit]
Ahaetulla perroteti (Western Ghats bronzeback)[edit]
Ahaetulla pulverulenta (Brown vine snake)[edit]
Genus: Argyrogena[edit]
Argyrogena fasciolata (Banded racer)[edit]
Genus: Boiga[edit]
Boiga beddomei (Beddome's cat snake)[edit]
Boiga ceylonensis (Sri Lanka cat snake)[edit]
Boiga dightoni (Pirmad cat snake)[edit]
Boiga forsteni (Forsten's cat snake)[edit]
Boiga nuchalis (Collared cat snake)[edit]
Boiga trigonata (Common cat snake)[edit]
Genus: Chrysopelea[edit]
Chrysopelea ornata (Golden tree snake)[edit]
Genus: Coelognathus[edit]
Coelognathus helena (Trinket snake)[edit]
Genus: Dendrelaphis[edit]
Dendrelaphis ashoki (Ashok's bronzeback)[edit]
Dendrelaphis chairecaeos/chairecacos (Southern bronzeback)[edit]
Dendrelaphis girii (Giri's bronzeback)[edit]
Dendrelaphis grandoculis (Large-eyed bronzeback)[edit]
Dendrelaphis tristis (Common bronzeback)[edit]
Genus: Liopeltis[edit]
Liopeltis calamaria (Calamaria reed snake)[edit]
Genus: Lycodon[edit]
Lycodon aulicus (Indian wolf snake)[edit]
Lycodon nympha (Bridal snake)[edit]
Lycodon striatus (Barred wolf snake)[edit]
Lycodon travancoricus (Travancore wolf snake)[edit]
Genus: Oligodon[edit]
Oligodon affinis (Western kukri)[edit]
Oligodon arnensis (Banded kukri)[edit]
Oligodon brevicauda (Shorthead kukri)[edit]
Oligodon taeniolatus (Streaked kukri)[edit]
Oligodon travancoricus (Travancore kukri)[edit]
Oligodon venustus (Jerdon's kukri)[edit]
Genus: Ptyas[edit]
Ptyas mucosa (Indian rat snake)[edit]
Genus: Rhabdops[edit]
Rhabdops olivaceus (Olive forest snake)[edit]
Genus: Sibynophis[edit]
Sibynophis subpunctatus (Duméril's black-headed snake)[edit]

Family: Erycidae/Erycinae (Sand boas)[edit]

Genus: Eryx[edit]
Eryx conicus (Russell's boa)[edit]
Eryx johnii (Indian sand boa)[edit]
Eryx whitakeri (Whitaker's sand boa)[edit]

Family: Elapidae (Elapid snakes)[edit]

Genus: Bungarus[edit]
Bungarus caeruleus (Common krait)[edit]
Genus: Calliophis[edit]
Calliophis beddomei (Beddome's coral snake)[edit]
Calliophis bibroni (Bibron's coral snake)[edit]
Calliophis melanurus (Indian coral snake)[edit]
Calliophis nigrescens (Black coral snake)[edit]
Genus: Hydrophis[edit]
Hydrophis curtus (Short sea snake)[edit]
Hydrophis cyanocinctus (Annulated sea snake)[edit]
Hydrophis ornatus (Cochin-banded sea snake)[edit]
Hydrophis platurus (Yellow-bellied sea snake)[edit]
Hydrophis schistosus (Hook-nosed sea snake)[edit]
Genus: Naja[edit]
Naja naja (Indian cobra)[edit]
Genus: Ophiophagus[edit]
Ophiophagus hannah (King cobra)[edit]

Family: Gerrhopilidae (Worm snakes)[edit]

Genus: Gerrhopilus/Typhlops[edit]
Gerrhopilus beddomii (Beddome's worm snake)[edit]
Gerrhopilus thurstoni (Thurston's worm snake)[edit]
Gerrhopilus tindalli (Tindall's worm snake)[edit]

Family: Homalopsidae (Mud snakes)[edit]

Genus: Cerberus[edit]
Cerberus rynchops (Dog-faced water snake)[edit]
Genus: Dieurostus[edit]
Dieurostus dussumierii (Dussumier's water snake)[edit]
Genus: Gerarda[edit]
Gerarda prevostiana (Gerard's water snake)[edit]

Family: Natricidae/Natricinae (Keelbacks)[edit]

Genus: Atretium[edit]
Atretium schistosum (Split keelback)[edit]
Genus: Amphiesma[edit]
Amphiesma stolatum (Buff striped keelback)[edit]
Genus: Hebius[edit]
Hebius beddomei (Beddome’s keelback)[edit]
Hebius monticola (Hill keelback)[edit]
Genus: Rhabdophis[edit]
Rhabdophis plumbicolor (Green keelback)[edit]
Genus: Xenochrophis[edit]
Xenochrophis piscator (Checkered keelback)[edit]

Family: Pythonidae (Pythons)[edit]

Genus: Python[edit]
Python molurus (Indian python)[edit]

Family: Typhlopidae (Blind snakes)[edit]

Genus: Gryptotyphlops[edit]
Gryptotyphlops acutus (Beak-nosed blind snake)[edit]
Genus: Indotyphlops[edit]
Indotyphlops braminus (Brahminy blind snake)[edit]

Family: Uropeltidae (Shieldtails)[edit]

Genus: Teretrurus[edit]
Teretrurus rhodogaster (Wall's shield tail)[edit]
Genus: Melanophidium[edit]
Melanophidium bilineatum (Two-lined black shieldtail)[edit]
Melanophidium punctatum (Beddome's black shieldtail)[edit]
Melanophidium wynaudense (Indian black earth snake)[edit]
Genus: Platyplectrurus[edit]
Platyplectrurus madurensis (Travancore Hills thorntail)[edit]
Platyplectrurus trilineatus (Lined thorntail)[edit]
Genus: Plectrurus[edit]
Plectrurus aureus (Kerala burrowing snake)[edit]
Plectrurus guentheri (Günther's burrowing snake)[edit]
Plectrurus perrotetii (Nilgiri burrowing snake)[edit]
Genus: Rhinophis[edit]
Rhinophis fergusonianus (Cardamom Hills earth snake)[edit]
Rhinophis sanguineus (Red-bellied shieldtail)[edit]
Rhinophis travancoricus (Travancore shieldtail)[edit]
Genus: Teretrurus[edit]
Teretrurus sanguineus (Purple-red earth snake)[edit]
Genus: Uropeltis[edit]
Uropeltis arcticeps (Thirunelveli earth snake)[edit]
Uropeltis beddomii (Beddome's earth snake)[edit]
Uropeltis ceylanica (Kerala shieldtail)[edit]
Uropeltis ellioti (Elliot's earth snake)[edit]
Uropeltis grandis (Violet shieldtail)[edit]
Uropeltis liura (Günther's earth snake)[edit]
Uropeltis macrorhyncha (Anaimalai earth snake)[edit]
Uropeltis maculata (Spotted earth snake)[edit]
Uropeltis myhendrae (Boulenger's earth snake)[edit]
Uropeltis nitida (Southern earth snake)[edit]
Uropeltis ocellata (Nilgiri shieldtail)[edit]
Uropeltis petersi (Peter's shieldtail)[edit]
Uropeltis pulneyensis (Palni shieldtail)[edit]
Uropeltis rubrolineata (Red-lined shieldtail)[edit]
Uropeltis rubromaculata/rubromaculatus (Red-spotted shieldtail)[edit]
Uropeltis woodmasoni (Wood-Mason's earth snake)[edit]

Family: Viperidae (Vipers)[edit]

Genus: Daboia[edit]
Daboia russelii (Russell's viper)[edit]
Genus: Echis[edit]
Echis carinatus (Saw-scaled viper)[edit]
Genus: Hypnale[edit]
Hypnale hypnale (Hump-nosed viper)[edit]
Genus: Trimeresurus[edit]
Trimeresurus gramineus (Bamboo pit viper)[edit]
Trimeresurus macrolepis (Large-scaled pit viper)[edit]
Trimeresurus malabaricus (Malabar pit viper)[edit]
Trimeresurus strigatus (Horseshoe pit viper)[edit]

Family: Xenodermatidae (Narrow-headed snakes)[edit]

Genus: Xylophis[edit]
Xylophis captaini (Captain's wood snake)[edit]
Xylophis perroteti (Perrotet's mountain snake)[edit]
Xylophis stenorhynchus (Günther's mountain snake)[edit]


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