Milo's Hamburgers

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Milo's Hamburgers
Industry Fast-food
Founded 1946
Founder Milo Carlton (1919-1995)
Headquarters Birmingham, Alabama, U.S.
Number of locations
15 stores
Products Hamburgers, Chicken fingers, French fries, grilled cheese sandwiches, sweet tea, soft drinks, milkshakes
Slogan "Everybody goes to... Milo's."
Website Milo's Hamburgers

Milo's Hamburgers is a regional fast-food restaurant chain based in Alabama, United States. As of 2007, Milo's has 15 restaurants, 14 in the Birmingham metro area, one in Southside. Milo's is known for its secret hamburger sauce and sweet tea, both included with a pie in the Mega Meal combo. Chicken tenders were added to the menu in 2000. Its slogan is "Everybody goes to... Milo's"[1][2]

Milo's in Tuscaloosa was destroyed in the EF4 tornado on April 27, 2011.[3]


The restaurant was established by Milo Carlton, who, on April 16, 1946, opened Milo's Hamburger Shop in Birmingham, at 31st Street and 12th Avenue North. The restaurant moved to 2820 10th Avenue North in 1963. Milo's began selling franchises in 1983; the first franchise location, at 509 18th Street South in Birmingham, opened February 7, 1983.[4][5] Since the late 1980s, Milo's has also sold its tea throughout grocery stores in Alabama. Today, Milo's tea can be purchased in Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Louisiana, as well as parts of Kentucky, Virginia, South Carolina, and the Florida panhandle. [2][6] It can also be found for purchase as far north as Illinois.

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  • Jack's (another original hamburger fast food restaurant, based in Alabama)


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