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OpenUsability is a project to help usability experts coordinate with open source software projects to improve the software's interaction and usability. They have worked with projects such as GIMP and KDE.


OpenUsability was originally a thought that developed at the KDE developers conference in 2003 after a comparison of usability in Windows XP and KDE 3.1 was performed. Open source projects were able to register with OpenUsability from 2004 onwards.[1]


OpenPrinting is a project to increase the quality of printing on Linux Desktops. The user interaction and interface has been designed by members of the OpenUsability project.[2]
An interaction design team has been formed for GIMP, the lead developer of GIMP Sven Neumann originally applied to OpenUsability.

Season of Usability[edit]

Season of Usability is a series of sponsored design projects for students, in order to get them involved in FLOSS projects.[3]

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