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Google Question Hub
Type of site
Knowledge market
Available inEnglish, Hindi, Indonesian
Current statusClosed on Jan 15, 2023

Google Question Hub (GQH) is a knowledge market platform developed and offered by Google. As part of reducing non-existent digital media backlog,[clarification needed] it uses various but not-known search algorithms to collect unanswered web search queries for content creators, including journalists.[1][2] GQH is accessible via a registered Google search console account with a verified web property as contradict to Google Questions and Answers. However, searchers do not need to be registered with search console except a google account.

As of September 2021, it is a beta product and is limited to the United States, India, Indonesia, and Nigeria. Google search users ask a question in specified languages such as English, Hindi and Indonesian language,[3] and after collecting the unanswered questions, Google lists them in GQH where publishers can then use them as the basis for new publishing articles.[4][5]


In 2019, Google Question Hub was initially released in beta version and available in India, Indonesia, and Nigeria. , it was first reported by the news media in late 2019. The actual launch date is not known.[6][7]


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