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Concentration of NRHP listings throughout the U.S.
Pedimental sculpture: The Recorder of the archives, upon National Archives Building, Washington, D.C.
Navajo Nation Council Chamber, the seat of government for the Navajo Nation
Woodbury County Courthouse an NHL in Iowa, by George Grant Elmslie

Welcome to the National Register of Historic Places WikiProject. We are a group dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of listings on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. This project was formed on (2006-10-17) October 17, 2006 (age 11).

Project information[edit]

The project covers all articles about U.S. National Register of Historic Places listings in the English language Wikipedia. We try to improve Wikipedia's coverage of these listings by creating new articles or by improving existing ones. For questions about common practices, guidelines, and useful resources, newcomers (or even long-time veterans) may make use of our FAQ section, our resources section, or our style guide for NRHP articles.


  • Frequently asked questions – A list of the most frequently asked questions in this project.
  • Resources – Includes many nationwide and state-specific resources for developing articles.
  • Style guide – Guidelines for creating new articles.
  • Assessment – Guidelines for assessing the quality and importance of articles under this project's scope.
  • Elkman automated tool – Generates the {{Infobox NRHP}} template and some categories for articles, using information from the National Register database.
    Note:There is a consensus against using this tool to repetitively generate stubs without enhancing them to a "pretty good" standard. Also note that this database occasionally contains errors, so editors should verify the output of the tool.

Other language versions[edit]


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Historic districts listed on the National Register of Historic Places


Please feel free to add yourself here, and to indicate any areas of particular interest.

  1. ACase0000 (talk · contribs)   Eastern Tennessee and Swain County, North Carolina
  2. Acroterion (talk · contribs)   National parks, and portions of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia
  3. AgnosticPreachersKid (talk · contribs)   North Carolina, Washington, D.C.
  4. AlabamaGuy2007 (talk · contribs)   (Alabama, especially in Northern Alabama, more specifically the Decatur Area)
  5. alexiskferia (talk · contribs)   Preservation Virginia and Virginia, working to expand those articles linked to PV's page
  6. An apple and orange (talk · contribs)   Colorado, Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia, and Washington state.
  7. Ammodramus (talk · contribs)   Mostly Nebraska, but I travel; have camera
  8. Another Believer (talk · contribs)   Oregon, Texas, Washington
  9. Appraiser (talk · contribs)   (Minnesota)
  10. Araucana (talk) 12:34, 27 October 2011 (UTC)   Colorado, especially Jefferson County
  11. Arlo Barnes (talk · contribs) - My home areas of Lamy/Santa Fe, New Mexico, and the state at large.
  12. Aude (talk · contribs) - DC, Maryland (also PA, WV, DE, VA) and geo/data nerd ;)
  13. Averette (talk · contribs)   (Places in South Florida and other parts of Florida).
  14. Avicennasis (talk · contribs) Any area.
  15. Berean Hunter (talk · contribs)   North Carolina, South Carolina
  16. Bernstein2291 (talk · contribs)   I know about sites in the New York City area
  17. BFDhD (talk · contribs)   Ohio places on National Register, historic theatres. . . .
  18. BigrTex (talk · contribs)   (Central Texas for now)
  19. Billwhittaker (talk · contribs)   (Iowa; I have a camera and my job takes me around the state.
  20. BillyJack193 (talk · contribs)
  21. Bobak (talk · contribs)   Anywhere the road takes me; snapping images and penning starters/stubs
  22. BobCummings (talk · contribs)   Mississippi and Tennessee
  23. BrainTrustInc (talk · contribs) Improving NRHP and other historic places in rural California and the West.
  24. Brettstout (talk · contribs) (Iowa)
  25. Broooooooce (talk · contribs)   (Historic Places in Pulaski County, Arkansas)
  26. Bubba73 (talk · contribs) I'm interested in taking photos of historic sites near where I live (mainly southeast Georgia and northeast Florida).
  27. Bwsmith84 (talk · contribs)   OH, WV, possibly some of PA
  28. Caponer (talk · contribs)   (West Virginia and various locales in Virginia).
  29. Carsonmc (talk · contribs) Atlanta and environs, Georgia, Alabama and the panhandle of Florida
  30. Caveman1949 (talk · contribs)   (Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming.)
  31. cbl62 (talk · contribs)   Historic sites in Los Angeles County and surrounding areas
  32. Cdtew (talk · contribs)   North Carolina and colonial America
  33. cecouchman (talk · contribs)   Colorado, Virginia, Alabama, anywhere in between, anywhere I happen to travel
  34. Cg-realms (talk · contribs)   National historic sites in upstate New York and sites in neighboring states in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Vermont
  35. Check-Six (talk · contribs)   (California)
  36. Chevsapher (talk · contribs)   Western Nebraska and Central Wyoming
  37. Chris857 (talk · contribs)   Upper Peninsula of Michigan, plus broader Great Lakes region. Will work on most anything, though.
  38. Chrisgiddings (talk · contribs)   Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Ohio (Mostly southern).
  39. Chrissypan (talk · contribs)   primarily Connecticut
  40. CircuitChild (talk · contribs)   Orlando, Florida, Tampa, Florida, St. Augustine, Florida, Savannah, Georgia, Boston, Massachusetts to name a few.
  41. CJK09 (talk · contribs)   California
  42. Clagstone7 (talk · contribs)   Pacific Inland Northwest, especially North Idaho, Eastern Washington and Western Montana
  43. Clariosophic (talk · contribs)   Middlesex County, Massachusetts, Florida, Ohio, South Carolina, plus churches, architectural styles, etc.)
  44. Cognate247 (talk · contribs)   South Texas
  45. Contributingfactor (talk · contribs)
  46. CookieMonster755 (talk · contribs) Monuments in New York, Washington (D.C.) and Oregon.
  47. Cortikal (talk · contribs)   New England, New York City Metro Area, DC Metro Area, and where the road takes me!
  48. CPacker (talk · contribs)   (Wagoner County, Oklahoma)
  49. Crazypaco (talk · contribs)   Pittsburgh, education, and others
  50. Cynthisa (talk · contribs) Info & pix gleaned in Oklahoma & road trips to surrounding states. Also, Inland Empire, CA, espec Riverside County and Salton Sea.
  51. Daniel Case (talk · contribs)   (will add Orange County, New York to this project among all the other local-interest articles I work on).
  52. DeniseVictoria (talk · contribs) Miami, Florida
  53. Denverjeffrey (talk · contribs) (Colorado)
  54. Dfwcre8tive (talk · contribs) Dallas-Fort Worth
  55. Dhartung (talk · contribs)   primarily Wisconsin & Illinois
  56. Dincher (talk · contribs)   Pennsylvania State Parks and other places in Pennsylvania
  57. Dmadeo (talk · contribs)   (Manhattan)
  58. Dogears (talk · contribs)   (New York & Pennsylvania)
  59. Doncram (talk · contribs)   (landmarks in New York . which has the most of any state, and (places in California)
  60. Droll (talk · contribs)}   Primarily interested in cleanup and template improvement. I have already worked on improving a number of articles.
  61. Dsmdgold (talk · contribs)   (Oklahoma, especially Tulsa, Osage, and Washington counties.
  62. Dudemanfellabra (talk · contribs)   (Lauderdale County, Mississippi)
  63. Dustincoliver (talk · contribs)   National Register of Historic Places listings in Scott County, Iowa, particularly Oakdale Memorial Gardens in Davenport, Iowa
  64. Dzahsh (talk · contribs)   (Texas, particularly the Austin area)
  65. E.Zajdel (talk · contribs)   Primarily properties in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County
  66. Ebyabe (talk · contribs)   (Florida)
  67. Einbierbitte (talk · contribs)   nationwide, copy edit, anything else I can help with
  68. Eli.pousson (talk · contribs)   (DC, Maryland, and anywhere I travel)
  69. Elkman (talk · contribs)   (Minnesota)
  70. epolk (talk · contribs)   Southern California, particularly Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Also, sourcing for info about sites.
  71. EraserGirl (talk · contribs) Nothing like rediscovering your own backyard. Essex County, Mass.
  72. Eredien (talk · contribs)   Mostly New York State landmarks, with a particular emphasis on Oneida County and surrounding area
  73. Ergo Sum (talk · contribs)   New York, especially Manhattan and Westchester
  74. Farragutful (talk · contribs)   Iowa and the Washington, D.C. area
  75. Fl295 (talk · contribs)   (Florida)
  76. FloNight (talk · contribs)   Mostly (Kentucky), also Florida, Georgia, Ohio, and West Virginia.
  77. Freechild (talk · contribs)   Nebraska, Washington state, New Mexico
  78. FriarTuck1981 (talk · contribs)   Will be working on NJ and PA listings.
  79. G LeTourneau (talk · contribs)   Northern Illinois
  80. GamblinMonkey (talk · contribs)   Georgia and Tennessee
  81. Gentlejackjones (talk · contribs)   Alabama and Gulf Coast
  82. Glorioussandwich (talk · contribs) North Dakota and Northwestern Minnesota, especially Grand Forks Co., ND
  83. Gmatsuda (talk · contribs)   Manzanar National Historic Site
  84. Generic1139 (talk · contribs)   Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia
  85. Geologyguy (talk · contribs) Western US, Butte, Montana in particular
  86. Greg5030 (talk · contribs)   Ohio and Kentucky; Photography and articles
  87. Gtwfan52 (talk · contribs)  Indiana, Michigan, Chicago, railroads, bridges
  88. Grey Wanderer (talk · contribs)   Missouri and Midwest
  89. halmueller (talk · contribs)   Mobile and map presentations
  90. Hell in a Bucket (talk · contribs) Mostly Colorado related interests.
  91. Historic Perspective (talk · contribs) Massachusetts Historic Places
  92. Hjal (talk · contribs) California, esp Marin County, San Jose, & Southern Alameda County; also Dodge County, Minnesota
  93. HornColumbia (talk · contribs)   Mostly List of Registered Historic Places in Missouri.
  94. Howcheng (talk · contribs)   Whatever is easy to copy and paste from public domain NPS sources
  95. Hurricanefan25 (talk · contribs)   The east coast, mainly concentrated upon the Middle Atlantic States
  96. Hurrmic (talk · contribs) (Minnesota, primarily Southeast Minnesota, Winona County)
  97. Huwmanbeing (talk · contribs)   (Indiana and eastern Illinois)
  98. I am One of Many (talk · contribs)   Nebraska
  99. Infrogmation (talk · contribs) New Orleans area
  100. Ipoellet (talk · contribs)   Pacific Northwest
  101. IvoShandor (talk · contribs) - I've been about here, on and off since about '07. I mostly work on Illinois, articles and photos, but I bounce around quite a bit too.
  102. Jameslwoodward (talk · contribs)   Lighthouses, New England places, images
  103. James Russiello (talk · contribs)   churches, New York places, images
  104. James_Shelton32 (talk · contribs)   African-American schools, Huguenot, Coal Mining, Rail Transport, Virginia places, images
  105. Jauerback (talk · contribs)   Illinois & photography
  106. jay8g (talk · contribs)   Bridges, Washington
  107. KDTW Flyer (talk · contribs)   Wisconsin mainly
  108. Jfknrh (talk · contribs)   Interested in Georgia and Virginia
  109. Jim.henderson (talk · contribs)   Cycling in New York City and suburbs snapping photos of anything old or interesting
  110. Jonathunder (talk · contribs)   Mostly Minnesota; image work.
  111. JonRidinger (talk · contribs)   Ohio listings and pictures
  112. JPRiley (talk · contribs)   Mainly Rhode Island and other New England, but also elsewhere at times.
  113. Justin Herbert (talk · contribs)   (Arizona, specifically Eastern Arizona; Graham County/Greenlee County
  114. Juliancolton (talk · contribs)   Hudson Valley of New York
  115. Kestenbaum (talk · contribs)   (Mainly Michigan and Midwest).
  116. Kepper66 (talk · contribs)   Area of interest -Iowa particularly, Marshall County and Stone City.
  117. KF5LLG (talk · contribs)   I live in Oklahoma. I have a lot of interest in historic places
  118. Kiddo27 (talk · contribs)   Oklahoma, primarily in the Enid area, also, anything Jewish.
  119. Kjmoran (talk · contribs)   Ohio and Dayton, Ohio
  120. KrakatoaKatie (talk · contribs) Oklahoma, particularly Canadian, Cleveland, and Oklahoma Counties
  121. Krelnik (talk · contribs) Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding regions. Love to write about architects too.
  122. Ktr101 (talk · contribs)   Cape Cod and the Islands, and whatever interests me.
  123. KudzuVine (talk · contribs)   (South Carolina)
  124. LaTeeDa (talk · contribs)   Upstate New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania
  125. Leepaxton (talk · contribs)   Allegheny County, Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  126. LeheckaG (talk · contribs)   South-Eastern Alaska, Northern-Ohio, South-Western Massachusetts, ...
  127. Ljmajer (talk · contribs)   primarily the Hotel del Coronado and San Diego.
  128. Loopygrumpkins (talk · contribs)   Wisconsin, currently Southeastern Wisconsin, and shipwrecks.
  129. Lordkinbote (talk · contribs)   (concentrating on articles related to the California Missions and related topics).
  130. LurkingInChicago (talk · contribs)   primarily National Historic Landmarks and Registered Historic Places in Chicago
  131. lvklock (talk · contribs)   Upstate New York and anywhere I happen to go
  132. Malepheasant (talk · contribs)   Twin Cities, West Virginia
  133. Marcbela (talk · contribs)   Massachusetts & Rhode Island + where ever else (focus on photos).
  134. Mark Miller (talk · contribs)   Northern California, Monterey area, Tahoe, San Francisco, Central Valley, Sacramento.
  135. Mcmillin24 (talk · contribs)   Iowa and Arizona especially
  136. MDuPont (talk · contribs)   Mercer County, NJ. Topeka and Lawrence Kansas.
  137. Mfwills (talk · contribs)   Any NRHP locations, though interested mostly in Vermont and New York
  138. MONGO (talk · contribs)
  139. Morgan Riley (talk · contribs)   Virginia, esp. central Virginia; also D.C., coastal N.C.,; trained in HABS-grade architectural photography, with large back-archive from many a road-trip.
  140. Motorrad-67 (talk · contribs)   Emeritus State Historic Preservation Officer; Architectural photography author
  141. MountainRail (talk · contribs)   Virginia, West Virginia, Montana, and transportation related places.
  142. MPHamilton (talk · contribs)   Ohio County, West Virginia
  143. Mr.Z-man (talk · contribs)   Michigan and Midwest
  144. Multichill (talk · contribs)
  145. Myselfalso (talk · contribs)   (I can work on places in Pennsylvania).
  146. Niagara (talk · contribs)   (mostly Pennsylvania)
  147. Noles1984 (talk · contribs)   (Florida)
  148. NorthBySouthBaranof (talk · contribs)   (National parks/forests/public lands, Alaska)
  149. Notorious4life (talk · contribs)   Michigan (specifically Southeast Michigan), photography, research
  150. Ntsimp (talk · contribs)   Pictures of places in Utah
  151. Nv8200p (talk · contribs)   (Travis County, Texas, Bastrop County, Texas)
  152. Nyttend (talk · contribs)   Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Indiana; largely interested in providing pictures, but I also write articles
  153. ochistorian (talk · contribs)   - New York; NRHP in Western New York and Orleans County in particular.
  154. OHWiki (talk · contribs)   (Ohio)
  155. Orlady (talk · contribs)   - interested in NRHP topics in general, particularly in Tennessee
  156. otr500 (talk · contribs)   - Interested in NRHP in general and historic buildings and structures in particular.
  157. Paulmcdonald (talk · contribs)   Cloud County, Kansas
  158. Paultyng (talk · contribs)   Ohio, specifically Cincinnati, Ohio
  159. PhantomPlugger (talk · contribs) Indiana, Chicago and Chicago suburbs, preservation law
  160. Pietro (talk · contribs)   (Florida)
  161. Presidentman (talk · contribs) All areas south of the Mason–Dixon line.
  162. Pro Fotographer (talk · contribs)   Architectural photography
  163. Pubdog (talk · contribs)   mostly Maryland
  164. PumpkinSky (talk · contribs)   mostly Montana
  165. Quebec99 (talk · contribs)   mostly Massachusetts
  166. Rauglothgor (talk · contribs)   Interested in Northeastern Wisconsin or more specifically the Kewaunee and Green Bay areas.
  167. Renelibrary (talk · contribs)  Area of interest-Places on the National Register in Texas, focusing on places in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.
  168. Reywas92 (talk · contribs)   Indiana, specifically Indianapolis
  169. RevelationDirect (talk · contribs)   Especially interested in Wilmington, Delaware.
  170. Rjensen (talk · contribs)   (historiography; social history; Midwest)
  171. Rklawton (talk · contribs)   (photography)
  172. Royalbroil (talk · contribs)   Wisconsin, especially photography
  173. Rhvanwinkle (talk · contribs)   New Jersey & Connecticut
  174. Ruhrfisch (talk · contribs)   (mostly places in Pennsylvania)
  175. Salmar (talk · contribs)   (mostly Wisconsin; maybe various other places later).
  176. Sanfranman59 (talk · contribs)   (Ohio, esp. Stark County, and California, esp. SF Bay Area)
  177. SarahStierch (talk · contribs) US in general, in DC but I travel a lot. Photography and writing.
  178. Schlitzer90 (talk · contribs)   National parks, Massachusetts, New York; particularly interested in supplying photos.
  179. SCPS70458 (talk · contribs); Interest in Louisiana, especially southeastern region; ;(St. Tammany Parish)
  180. Ser Amantio di Nicolao (talk · contribs)   What I can, when I can, mainly Washington, D.C. and Virginia
  181. Silverbird61 (talk · contribs)   Historic sites in the Suncook NH area specifically Robie's Country Store in Hooksett, NH.
  182. Smallbones (talk · contribs)  Philadelphia area, bridges, mills, creeks (List of Registered Historic Places in Chester County, Pennsylvania)
  183. Smileyface 12 91 (talk · contribs) (Oregon)
  184. Smithers7 (talk · contribs)   Work in Oregon, Washington, and the Pacific Northwest.
  185. Soccersalvatore (talk · contribs)   Essex County, New Jersey
  186. Sonoma's bridge (talk · contribs)   mainly in southeastern Pennsylvania
  187. Star Mississippi (talk · contribs) I'm involved with the museum project so my work here will probably focus on where the two overlap but I also work on a lot of New York City and Hudson Valley articles so I'll chip in wherever my contributions take me.
  188. Stepshep (talk · contribs) (Ohio)
  189. Steven C. Price (talk · contribs) Working on Oklahoma
  190. Swampyank (talk · contribs) (Rhode Island)
  191. Sweet_kate (talk · contribs)  mainly taking photos and writing starter articles in Vigo County, Indiana
  192. Taram (talk · contribs)Primarily working with History in Missouri and in New Mexico.
  193. Tarnation (talk · contribs)   (Madison County, Alabama)
  194. Teemu08 (talk · contribs)   Something to keep me busy until classes start again. Mostly Illinois.
  195. TheCatalyst31 (talk · contribs)   Mostly Illinois and Wisconsin
  196. Theking17825 (talk · contribs)   Really anything, mostly Minnesota and New Jersey.
  197. Theonesean (talk · contribs)   I live in Pittsburgh, but look forward to developing and creating articles wherever needed
  198. Thepoodlechef (talk · contribs)   Anything in Lubbock, San Antonio, Jack County, Round Rock, Texas
  199. TheSilentJay (talk · contribs)   Missouri
  200. Thomas_Paine1776 (talk · contribs)
  201. Tillman (talk · contribs)   Sites & lists in AZ & NM, as time permits. I also contribute archival photos, when I find PD ones, and write occasional articles.
  202. Toddst1 (talk · contribs)   Mostly colonial stuff, but will contribute across time and geography
  203. Tomticker5 (talk · contribs)   Connecticut
  204. TonyTheTiger (talk · contribs)   National Historic Landmarks and Registered Historic Places in Chicago
  205. Traveler100 (talk · contribs)   photographs when I travel to USA.
  206. TwistOfCain (talk · contribs) Idaho
  207. UpstateNYer (talk · contribs) Upstate New York
  208. Uviolet (talk · contribs) South Carolina
  209. W Nowicki (talk · contribs) Working on the Big Island of Hawaiʻi
  210. White Arabian mare (talk · contribs) I'll mostly be working on articles related to Tennessee.
  211. Whyaduck (talk · contribs)   (Mostly California, but theaters anywhere)
  212. Wicoulte (talk · contribs) Bloomington and Monroe County, Indiana
  213. Wikipelli (talk · contribs) Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio
  214. Wistungsten (talk · contribs) Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Wisconsin
  215. Wizardman (talk · contribs) Ohio once it's digitized, until then anything.
  216. Wkaardal (talk · contribs) Minnesota
  217. WordSeventeen (talk · contribs) I intend to help with adding more reliable source references independent of NRHP reference. I also will help with writing wanted articles.
  218. Wrightchr (talk · contribs)   local-interest articles in Pennsylvania
  219. Xtgyal (talk · contribs) I live in a National Historic District! Willing to help out with photos and articles from Allegany County, MD.
  220. 25or6to4 (talk · contribs)   Texas, any highway listings, photography, some of MN and ND
  221. Rekaiser (talk · contribs)   Central New York, Southern California
  222. Aguyintobooks (talk · contribs) archive interest

Recognized content[edit]

Horseshoe Curve in Pennsylvania
West side of the Pennsylvania State Capitol
The Great Kiva of Chetro Ketl in Chaco Culture National Historical Park
USS Massachusetts (BB-59) off the coast of Point Wilson, Washington

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Avery Coonley SchoolBaltimore City CollegeBenedict Arnold's expedition to QuebecBeth Hamedrash HagodolBlack Moshannon State ParkBroad Ripple Park CarouselBrockway Mountain DriveCapon ChapelCapon Lake Whipple Truss BridgeChaco Culture National Historical ParkCherry Springs State ParkChicago Board of Trade BuildingChicago Pile-1Clemuel Ricketts MansionCogan House Covered BridgeColton Point State ParkFirst Roumanian-American CongregationForksville Covered BridgeFort Dobbs (North Carolina)Fort TiconderogaFort YellowstoneFountain of TimeGeology HallHanford SiteHebron Church (Intermont, West Virginia)Hillsgrove Covered BridgeHistory of Baltimore City CollegeHistory of the Yosemite areaHoover DamHorseshoe Curve (Pennsylvania)Jerome, ArizonaJohnstown Inclined PlaneJoseph Priestley HouseKinzua BridgeLiterary HallLittle Butte CreekMackinac IslandManzanarMauna LoaMetallurgical LaboratoryMichigan State CapitolMonadnock BuildingMonte NeMount St. HelensNew Orleans MintOakwood Cemetery (Troy, New York)Old Pine ChurchOregon State CapitolPennsylvania State CapitolPithole, PennsylvaniaPlunketts Creek Bridge No. 3Pulaski SkywayRed River TrailsRidge RouteShimer CollegeSonestown Covered BridgeStatue of LibertyTech TowerTrinity (nuclear test)USS Arizona (BB-39)USS ConstitutionUSS Massachusetts (BB-2)USS Missouri (BB-63)USS New Jersey (BB-62)USS Wisconsin (BB-64)United States Military AcademyUtah State Route 128Worlds End State ParkX-10 Graphite Reactor

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Aztalan State ParkGolden Gate ParkMount RushmoreNiagara FallsOakland Cemetery (Atlanta)San Francisco–Oakland Bay BridgeSaturn VShotgun house

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List of National Historic Landmarks in AlabamaList of National Historic Landmarks in IndianaList of National Historic Landmarks in MichiganList of lighthouses in Connecticut

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5th Avenue Theatre1761 MilestoneAcors Barns HouseAdmiral David G. Farragut (Ream statue)Albany City HallAlden Tavern SiteAll Saints' Episcopal Church (Briarcliff Manor, New York)Allenville Mill StorehouseAmbler's Texaco Gas StationAmerican Gothic HouseAmerican Thermos Bottle Company Laurel Hill PlantAnderson Street stationAnshei Israel SynagogueApple River FortApplewood FarmArrowhead (Herman Melville House)Arroyo Seco ParkwayArt's AutoAshland Mill BridgeAshlawnAstronomical Observatory (University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign)Aurora BridgeAvery HomesteadAvery House (Griswold, Connecticut)Avery Point LightBallard Carnegie LibraryBaltimore–Washington ParkwayBarlow RoadBarrington Civic Center Historic DistrictBattery WhiteBattle of Great BridgeBattle of Horseshoe Bend (1832)Battle of HubbardtonBattle of Kettle CreekBattle of Short HillsBeechwood (Vanderlip mansion)Ben's Chili BowlBenjamin Church House (Bristol, Rhode Island)Benjamin Ogle Tayloe HouseBenjaminville Friends Meeting House and Burial GroundBerkshire No. 7Bicknell–Armington Lightning Splitter HouseBlackford County CourthouseBlackledge River Railroad BridgeBrigadier General Albert PikeBristol County JailBristol Customshouse and Post OfficeBroadway Hollywood BuildingBrook FarmBull's BridgeCamak HouseCanterbury Castle (Portland, Oregon)Carpenter House (Norwich, Connecticut)Casa de EstudilloCatedral de Nuestra Señora de GuadalupeCentral Troy Historic DistrictChana SchoolCharles Payne HouseChicago TheatreChrist Episcopal Church (Waltham, Massachusetts)Chrysler BuildingCivil War Memorial (Sycamore, Illinois)Collyer MonumentColorado State Highway 74Columbus (Providence, Rhode Island)Congregation Beth Israel (Meridian, Mississippi)Constitution Square Historic SiteCrane and Company Old Stone Mill Rag RoomCroton Dam (Michigan)Cummer Museum of Art and GardensDanebodDaniel S. Schanck ObservatoryDavis TheaterDayton ProjectDeKalb County Courthouse (Illinois)Division Street Bridge (Rhode Island)Dowse Sod HouseDupont Circle FountainEast Midwood Jewish CenterEdward Bellamy HouseEdward M. Cotter (fireboat)Eisenhower National Historic SiteEllwood HouseElmer S. DaileyElmwood (Cambridge, Massachusetts)Engineer CantonmentEntranceway at Main Street at Roycroft BoulevardEntranceways at Main Street at Lamarck Drive and Smallwood DriveFabyan WindmillFalkner Island LightFederal Reserve Bank Building (Seattle)Fifth Ward WardroomFire Station No. 4 (Pawtucket, Rhode Island)Fire Station No. 23 (Los Angeles, California)First Ward WardroomFive Mile Point LightFlushing–Main Street (IRT Flushing Line)Fort Scott National Historic SiteFoster–Payne HouseFramingham Railroad Station

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1935 Labor Day hurricaneCity and Town Hall (Rochelle, Illinois)College of the Holy CrossEgyptian Theatre (DeKalb, Illinois)Fort de ChartresGrand Central TerminalGunston HallIllinois Institute of TechnologyLubbock High SchoolMark Twain HouseMission San Juan CapistranoMoana HotelMount GreylockOhio StadiumOverseas RailroadPere Marquette 1225Santa Fe Depot (San Diego)U.S. Route 66United States Naval AcademyUniversity of OklahomaVanderbilt UniversityWanamaker Organ

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181st Street (IND Eighth Avenue Line)Court Square–23rd Street (New York City Subway)Ford Piquette Avenue PlantJacob Riis Park

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James Amster (2017-09-08)First Presbyterian Church (Portland, Oregon) (2017-09-07)James A. Wetmore (2017-08-21)Kaniakapupu (2017-07-31)Main Building (St. Edward's University) (2017-07-19)Adelphi School (2017-07-06)McLoughlin Promenade (2017-05-17)Ellamae Ellis League (2017-05-14)Cornell Pulpwood Stacker (2017-05-14)Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens (2017-05-11)Dunn Gardens (2017-05-01)Big Chief Restaurant (2017-04-24)Chocorua Island Chapel (2017-04-16)Monument of States (2017-04-10)Bonfils Memorial Theatre (2017-03-29)Samuel Noble Monument (2017-03-28)Ace of Clubs House (2017-03-12)Elizabeth Plankinton House (2017-01-31)International Hat Company (2017-01-27)Chrysler Building (2017-01-17)Old Depot Museum (2017-01-11)More Hall Annex (2016-12-29)Vaile Mansion (2016-11-21)New London Union Station (2016-10-26)Reads Landing School (2016-10-24)United States Courthouse (Austin, Texas, 1936) (2016-08-18)Flushing–Main Street (IRT Flushing Line) (2016-08-14)Goodwillie–Allen House (2016-07-27)North Philadelphia station (2016-07-25)I.O.O.F. Centennial Building (2016-07-19)Mayer Red Brick Schoolhouse (2016-07-05)Dude Rancher Lodge (2016-06-01)Holy Trinity Church (Nashville) (2016-05-31)St. Joseph's Catholic Church (Krebs, Oklahoma) (2016-05-25)Bank of California Building (Portland, Oregon) (2016-05-19)United States National Bank Building (2016-05-15)Larson's Hunters Resort (2016-05-11)Hurricane of 1928 African American Mass Burial Site (2016-05-03)Albany Felt Company Complex (2016-03-10)Cibolo Creek Ranch (2016-03-07)Philip Livingston Magnet Academy (2016-02-29)Framingham Railroad Station (2016-02-17)Federal Reserve Bank Building (Seattle) (2016-02-16)X-10 Graphite Reactor (2016-02-12)Stone Hall, Nashville (2016-02-11)Louise Lincoln Kerr House and Studio (2016-02-08)First Congregational Church of Albany (2016-02-07)Readington Reformed Church (2016-01-23)Milam Building (2016-01-09)Operating Passenger Railroad Stations Thematic Resource (New Jersey) (2016-01-08)East Lake Abert Archeological District (2015-12-21)New Hurley Reformed Church (2015-12-20)Cokato Temperance Hall (2015-12-06)German Reformed Sanctity Church Parsonage (2015-11-15)President's Guest House (2015-11-01)Henry Gerber House (2015-09-30)Columbia Memorial Space Center (2015-09-30)William Sauntry House and Recreation Hall (2015-09-17)Mesa Verde National Park (2015-09-03)Hopkins County Courthouse (2015-08-18)Highfields (Amwell and Hopewell, New Jersey) (2015-08-16)Literary Hall (2015-08-08)Doncaster Round Barn (2015-07-26)Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church (2015-07-11)Ballpark Synagogue (2015-06-14)Clallam County Courthouse (2015-05-17)Hebron Church (Intermont, West Virginia) (2015-05-13)Murry Guggenheim House (2015-05-04)Wendover Air Force Base (2015-05-03)Pullman National Monument (2015-04-30)Cherry Grove Community House and Theatre (2015-04-21)Carrington House (2015-04-21)Mary Birdsall House (2015-03-27)Washington Monument (2015-03-20)Master Apartments (2015-03-16)Snoqualmie Falls Hydroelectric Plant (2015-03-04)Capon Lake Whipple Truss Bridge (2015-02-13)Capon Chapel (2015-02-08)Parker Training Academy Dutch Barn (2015-02-06)George Rymph House (2015-01-15)McDonald Ranch House (2015-01-10)Maizefield (2015-01-06)Livermore Carnegie Library and Park (2015-01-06)Sisters High School (historic) (2015-01-01)Bristol County Jail (2014-12-26)Creek Council Oak Tree (2014-12-20)Harriet F. Rees House (2014-12-19)Hendrick Martin House (2014-12-18)Arthur R. Hoard House (2014-12-16)Rupert Covered Bridge No. 56 (2014-12-11)Greens Ledge Light (2014-12-08)Kennicott Grove (2014-12-07)Allenville Mill Storehouse (2014-12-07)Barrington Civic Center Historic District (2014-12-04)John F. Adams House (2014-11-27)Elk Lake Guard Station (2014-11-27)St. Thomas Chapel (2014-11-15)Taliesin (studio) (2014-11-06)Allen Centennial Gardens (2014-11-06)Five Mile Point Light (2014-10-18)

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