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The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to Europe.

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Geography of Europe[edit]

Regions of Europe[edit]

Countries of Europe[edit]

Main article: List of European countries

Cities in Europe[edit]

Main article: List of cities in Europe

Villages in Europe[edit]

Main article: List of villages in Europe by country

Geographic features of Europe[edit]

Demography of Europe[edit]

Main article: Demographics of Europe

History of Europe[edit]

Main article: History of Europe

History by country[edit]

History by field[edit]

History by region[edit]

Culture of Europe[edit]

Main article: Culture of Europe

The arts in Europe[edit]

Sports in Europe[edit]

Environment of Europe[edit]

Economy and infrastructure of Europe[edit]

Main article: Economy of Europe

Communications in Europe[edit]

Education in Europe[edit]

Governments of Europe[edit]

Politics of Europe[edit]

Main article: Politics of Europe

See also[edit]

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